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When love blinds you it’s a nightmare

When love blinds you it's a nightmare

What happened next to Victor was very vague, he kept wandering in the Grau Hill mansion, encountering monsters in a semi-conscious state. Sometimes when running away Victor doesn’t remember where he is and what he wants to do. He encountered a man hanged himself on the top floor of the mansion. He saw the pieces of his own will recorded, Victor in the letter seemed to know a lot of things about what the count was doing, those things didn’t seem right but because he wanted to save Alissa, he closed his eyes and accepted. favorable.

When love blinds you it’s a nightmare

Between a place full of corpses and monsters, the line between reality and reality seemed to blur. Victor meets little Mary in the basement again, this time the baby is extremely scared. It apologizes for being rude to him, and reveals that Earl Steinrot is his father. He was always harsh with her, not allowing her to leave the room or communicate with anyone. Mary says she is coming back, and no one can escape. She could be listening to the two of you talking right now.

His heart was in turmoil, but Victor wouldn’t leave until he found Alissa. He advised her to take care and continued to find a way to the earl’s office. Before long, Victor was reunited with the monstrous creature in the hole he had talked to before. It turned out to be a paralyzed man named Wesley. S with the desire to walk normally. He was dying in pain, muttering something about hearing her call to him in his head, he couldn’t take it anymore. And to Victor’s horror, the frail, sickly creature turned into a giant monster and began to chase Victor.

Victor will have to defeat the creature that used to be Wesley, then he will find the entrance to Earl Steinrot’s office by rotating the office in the basement, following the stairs that have just appeared to climb right in front of the office door. .

Unlike Victor thought, Alissa wasn’t here either. The poor man wandered around in the deadly ruined room, finding a piece of paper on the table with five names: Edmond, Graham, Clayton, Wesley and Victor – his own names.

Entering the back room of the room, Victor saw a magic circle resembling ancient spells drawn in blood. He picked up a note from a man named Harmut Steinrot that mentioned finding an ancient chest full of ancient documents. Harmut took the time to read those documents, which are incredibly strange when they refer to two existing realities that overlap.

Two worlds with entities or gods stuck in between. A Latin word that is repeated many times in these documents is Lamentum – Lamentum. Victor follows the trail left behind, finds the library and encounters a strange cathedral. For a split second, he saw Alissa behind the bars of bizarre statues, but she said nothing or looked at him, just quietly disappearing into the night.

A glimmer of hope was ignited in Victor, he tried to find a way to move the three statues to enter the place where Alissa had just appeared. He searched for compatible items to activate the gate opener, and also found a map of the entire mansion. Then, when he reached the end of the corridor, Victor came out to the garden and saw two men arguing in the rain. It was Graham and Clayton – two names that had appeared on the list at the earl’s office.

Reverend Graham is trying to persuade Clayton to return to God to pray for peace. Clayton longs to be alone, so Graham leaves. Victor was just about to step closer to observe when Clayton immediately called his name to Victor’s surprise. He didn’t remember knowing this man, but he talked as if they had known each other before. Clayton was originally a violinist, but had no luck in his career.

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