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Valentino spring and summer 2022 collection invasion of gen z by pierpaolo piccioli’s mesmerizing timeless designs

Valentino spring and summer 2022 collection invasion of gen z by pierpaolo piccioli's mesmerizing timeless designs

It can be said that sidewalk cafe is a symbol of the freedom of the city of Paris in this year 2021, because the number of tables and chairs placed outside is a measure of the return to a new normal life more or less. . With the feeling of a fashion designer about changes in daily life, Pierpaolo Piccioli decorated the Carreau du Temple space with rows of tables and chairs like a sidewalk cafe street as the floor for the launch of the Valentino Spring Summer 2022 collection. My new project is called “Rendez-Vous” (Agreement).

Valentino spring and summer 2022 collection invasion of gen z by pierpaolo piccioli’s mesmerizing timeless designs

“ I think we need to move forward. That’s why I don’t want to go back to Paris to launch the collection inside a palatial palace or any other place where I’ve held shows before ,” Pierpaolo Piccioli confided. Therefore, to mark Valentino’s return to the fashion capital of Paris, he used the traditional market at Carreau de Temple and the rows of sidewalk cafes and restaurants around to decorate the exclusive fashion runway. to bring joy to the new normal day.

Designer Pierpaolo Piccioli is one of the most loved fashionistas with trendy designs that emphasize the applicability of clothes. He feels that the two-year period of the fashion industry’s stagnation due to the effects of the epidemic needs to be shelved. This is also the time to turn intentions and plans in words or words into actions right now. “

I talked a lot about changing, towards a new generation, a new world, ” said the current Creative Director of Valentino. “ You know, designer Valentino Garavani has captivated the young generation since the 60s. It was a time of revolution for fashion houses. Therefore, I think the direction I will follow is to uphold the core Haute Couture rules and values .”

With this Spring Summer 2022 collection, Pierpaolo Picioli does not want to talk about the costumes, the inspiration or the stories behind the designs too much although fashion is about clothes but it is also how people wear them. According to him, if words are used to tell a fashion story, it is impossible to fully describe his vision in the designs. Because what he wants is to talk more about community, share values ​​than discuss life in a vague way like describing the tip of the iceberg.

As can be seen, the Valentino Spring Summer 2022 collection is aimed at Gen Z fashionistas – the generation that grasps trends very quickly thanks to the vast influence of social networking platforms – with a simplified Couture wardrobe. to suit everyday purposes. Tailoring clothing designs made of thin taffeta fabric on a colorful background, graceful silk dress designs or eye-catching embroidered captan shirts stood out on the catwalk.

In addition to the new trends, designer Pierpaolo Piccioli also reinterpreted iconic designs from the Valentino fashion house’s archives with a more elegant, modern look. In particular, the design of the blouse with short skirt made of organdy fabric with embroidered flowers was taken from the 1968 collection of designer Valentino Garavani. There’s also another variation of the long-sleeved tiger print coat worn by veteran supermodel Veruschka and two final floral print boxy designs from Valentino’s ’70s designs.

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