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Hermès brings positive sunshine for the day back to a new normal life in the spring summer 2022 collection

Hermès brings positive sunshine for the day back to a new normal life in the spring summer 2022 collection

The period of social distancing and movement restrictions makes each person appreciate the stops to move from one place to another. In the context that many countries around the world have gradually regained their normal rhythm of life after the pandemic, ready to open their borders, Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski chose the hangar as the venue for the launch show. Hermès Spring Summer 2022 Collection.

Hermès brings positive sunshine for the day back to a new normal life in the spring summer 2022 collection

First, designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski chose the cylindrical space as the main stage for the Spring Summer 2022 collection. Covering that space are scrolls simulating the brilliant golden sunlight made by artist Flora Moscovici. The beautiful backdrop brings a warm feeling and stimulates optimism for viewers to enjoy the most comfortable moments when admiring the creations in the new collection. “ I think a lot has changed ,” says Hermès Creative Director of Womenswear. “ For me, all clothes allow you to move freely. ”

On her quest to find the right balance between practicality, comfort, and sensuality, she always offers a variety of unique looks. For example, the combination of a drawstring belt and a sturdy bra, or strong shoulder designs and feminine skirts or plissés. In previous seasons, Vanhee-Cybulski often launched workwear-inspired clothing designs

in line with the general situation of the world before the outbreaks of the past 2 years. But this Spring Summer 2022 collection can be seen as the period when the knots have been completely removed. That has been shown through the designs that are full of freedom, liberal but still extremely luxurious.

As can be seen in the Hermès Spring Summer 2022 collection, designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski put a trendy neutral color palette on most of the outfit designs. Besides, there are also sets of warm earth orange and butter yellow tones that spread optimism to the wearer.

In particular, with pride in the decades-long history of an illustrious saddlery brand in France, the current Creative Director of Hermès has cleverly adorned her outfits. Featured with leather trim, leather pockets, and luxurious inky leather buckle details on jackets, dresses and skirts.


Inspired by the intimate relationship between fashion and music, the Gucci 100 capsule collection presents Ready-to-wear designs and accessories with the Gucci 100 logo or a few lines of the brand name.

Whenever it comes to the fashion brand that has the most impact on popular culture, Gucci is the first name that comes to mind. One of the areas of trendy pop culture that fashion cannot be separated from is music. According to statistics from music data company Musixmatch, Gucci’s partner in this campaign to promote the Gucci 100 collection, the word “Gucci” appears in the lyrics of 27,705 songs from 1921 to present. For Alessandro Michele, this statistic is the starting point for the Gucci 100 collection.

Over the past year, Gucci has released a short film celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary through the Gucci Aria collection, presenting a multimedia exhibition, opening the door to the Gucci archival heritage and much more. More interesting projects in the future.

The special capsule collection celebrating a century of Gucci creativity includes Ready-to-wear designs and couture accessories. These items are dotted with the exclusive Gucci 100 logo or lyrics from three songs hand-picked by Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Fashion and music aficionados may come across a few classic lines containing the word “Gucci” in Eric B & Rankim’s song “The R” (1988), “You Got Good Taste” (1983) by Eric B & Rankim. The Cramps and Amy Winehouse’s “Fuck Me Pumps” (2003) incorporate Gucci monograms, GG florals and other signature Gucci motifs.

Playful tunes of Jazz, Psychedelic, Japanese Punk, Disco, Hip Hop and Afrobeat are the background music in the campaign to promote the new Gucci 100 collection. Through the lens of photographer Joshua Woods, the love for life, the joy, the beauty of dance, the abundant energy of music… appear in a variety of colors.

“ For me, the 100th anniversary is an opportunity to witness the eternal vitality of the Gucci fashion house. Year after year, the brand has been reborn, renewing itself and re-establishing strong relationships with young generations, seeing the world with a strong vision ”, said Creative Director Alessandro Michele shares about the campaign to promote the new Gucci 100 collection.

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