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5 outstanding fashion trends promoted by fashion houses at milan fashion week spring summer 2022

5 outstanding fashion trends promoted by fashion houses at milan fashion week spring summer 2022

Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 has ended, but has opened up for world fashionistas many unique fashion trends that will be crowned in the next fashion season. Here are the 5 most prominent fashion trends of the past fashion week.

5 outstanding fashion trends promoted by fashion houses at milan fashion week spring summer 2022

During the past Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, one of the most popular trends by fashion houses can be mentioned the design of short pelmet skirts with bold 90s imprints. Classic retro style always As an endless source of inspiration for designers, this Spring/Summer 2022, the pelmet skirt is back, bringing a more modern, youthful look but still keeping its timeless classic value. By playing with fabrics and eye-catching textures, the variety of short pelmet skirts promises to captivate many fashionistas in the coming time.

Another fashion item that has also been changed by fashion houses to become more novel during the past Milan Fashion Week is the anorak shirt. The shirt design has a dynamic street sports spirit, often made of nylon or synthetic fiber with a zipper that extends to the chest, which is popular with both women and men. This Spring/Summer 2022, the anorak shirt becomes more liberal and trendy than ever with a fancy handerchief design or transformed into an impressive dress.

The style of dresses with bold nostalgic imprints of the 60s has now returned to the field of women’s fashion in Spring Summer 2022. Along with the rise of a series of classic retro trends, the “landing” of the dress. The flowing dress still has the classic stumbling shape but is dotted with sexy cuts at the chest, open back… Besides, the unique source of material that makes the names of the fashion houses has turned these dresses. Be elegant and flatter any body shape.

Since Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 took place, fashionistas can easily see the presence of lace designs throughout the collections of popular fashion brands. And this is also the trend that dominates the fashion playground for the next Spring/Summer 2022 season.

Costumes with penetrating designs have been very popular with women around the world for decades, in which it is indispensable for sheer fabrics, organza silk, tulle, chiffon… But no matter what era, Lace designs with elaborate embroideries are still considered the “ultimate weapon” of every woman.

Finally, when it comes to contemporary fashion, it is impossible not to mention the tailoring line. It can be said that since the designer Yves Saint Laurent introduced the first suit for women through the legendary collection “Le Smoking” (1966), the suit has become an indispensable part of the men’s fashion wardrobe. pretty.

However, the nature of fashion is a cycle of reincarnation, so fashion houses often look to the most basic things of fashion to find new creative ideas in the future. Tailoring too, they no longer carry the rigid, stereotypical lines as before, but are designed with a softer, more elegant structure with a shirt design, wide lapels…

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