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Top 7 brand new mobile games for Naruto fans

Top 7 brand new mobile games for Naruto fans

As a very famous series around the world and an inspiration for many mobile games, there has never been a time when Naruto fans didn’t have a good game to play every day.

Top 7 brand new mobile games for Naruto fans

Game Naruto Ninja x Boruto Tribes set of characters fan favorite for many generations including Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura and their descendants is Sadara and Boruto.

The game is developed in a role-playing style that surpasses the sub-version and allows players to form a Ninja team of 3 different characters and fight in turn-based matches. At this point, the total speed of all characters will determine which team can go first and launch a battle.

The 3D Unparalleled Ninja belongs to the Naruto-themed MMORPG genre that offers excellent graphics quality combined with a deep gameplay mechanism. In particular, this product does not have a hybrid of peripheral elements that focus on an original Naruto world.

Different from the traditional role-playing game series, the 3D Online Ninja Warrior mobile game uses a fast action-type combat mechanism with each faction that will bring a completely different control style for players to master. .

Based on the original Naruto anime, the Konoha Ultimate Storm storyline not only focuses on the passions, emotions and entanglements of a Ninja but also honors unforgettable friendships and inseparable destiny.

In the Konoha Ultimate Storm mobile game, the Ninjutsu are also divided into Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, and Earth systems. With over 100 recruitable and collectible Ninjas, players will create exquisite collaborations that will keep your strategy ever-changing.

OMG Ninja Mobile uses images of characters from the famous Naruto manga combined with extremely familiar turn-based card gameplay. Although it is just a simplified 2D image, the game has added extremely beautiful skill effects, depicting the unique qualities of each character according to the original.

The gameplay of the OMG Ninja mobile game is basically collecting character cards with hundreds of different categories for players to freely recruit and choose to use. Accordingly, each card has different characteristics and stats depending on the number of stars and their color.

Ninja Rebirth Mobile has an extremely simple and funny graphic design. The characters are still rough, but still exude a characteristic appearance according to the archetypal shinobi in Naruto. In addition, the skill effects are also modeled after the anime, but are less eye-catching and have not shown the true power of the moves.

Regarding the gameplay system, all the features and activities of the general card game are fully available in the game Ninja Rebirth. The player’s task is to recruit shinobi, arrange a squad and begin to pass the stage.

Naruto Fire Chi is a cross-platform general card game that takes the Naruto storyline as the core, bringing players into a series of quests to access the most basic elements to become a shinobi.

In the game, players will get acquainted with the diverse skill system from the rich number of characters in the Naruto storyline. In the form of a general card game, the task of the gamer is to collect as many talented shinobi as possible, for optimal support in battles. In addition to collecting cards, players in the online Naruto Fire Chi game will have to participate in Boss hunting, personal Pk, Guild, etc.

The highlight of the Naruto Slugfest mobile game is that instead of being like the Naruto games with the same topic on the market, which often follow the monotonous card style, the product chooses for itself an extremely liberal open-world role-playing game. Combined with eye-catching 3D image materials, creating original characters according to the famous Naruto manga makes Naruto Slugfest Mobile more attractive in the eyes of players.

In addition to leveling, hunting and running missions, plowing copies or going to familiar battlefields and arenas in the MMORPG series, the quality of action-packed action is also an undeniable highlight of the game. mobile Naruto Slugfest.

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