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Top 8 most impressive action role-playing games in the past month

Top 8 most impressive action role-playing games in the past month

The game market in the past month has witnessed the impressive and monumental appearance of 8 action role-playing games worth experiencing.

Top 8 most impressive action role-playing games in the past month

Developed for 3 years in a row, the monster hunting mobile game Soul of Hunter was released by NetEase Games in the Chinese market in the fourth quarter of 2017. After a period of storming this market, finally the session. The global version was released, but the game was renamed Rangers of Oblivion for some reason.

The graphics of Rangers of Oblivion is one of the plus points that makes players feel attracted when trying it for the first time. The character and monster model designs are very eye-catching, helping to leave a good first impression on players. Not only has a beautiful and realistic design, the character’s combat effects are also very magnificent, with fast action and all kinds of effects that shake the whole screen.

Rated as an ARPG mobile game possessing top-notch 3D graphics, Hundred Soul Mobile does not disappoint players right from the character selection interface. Characters in the game not only possess a very popular appearance, but the small details are also delicately cared for.

With the advanced graphics technology Unity Engine, the character’s movements are depicted very vividly and realistically through the flowery and action-packed moves. Besides, the scene in the game is also extremely large and majestic with magnificent palaces, overwhelmed, not inferior to PC games.

Although known in advance Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is a mobile version that a Chinese developer cooperated with the father of Ragnarok Online (RO) Korea, in order to rebuild a familiar RO world in memory. But when you really set foot in the game, surely anyone will be surprised by the graphics in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love which is not inferior if not slightly better than the PC version.

It can be seen that this Mobile version retains the visual quintessence of the PC version from character creation, extremely cute anime-style graphic style through bright colors, like The scenes come out of fairy tales, sweet and poetic. In particular, each plot, every detail has a strange charm, not only recalling many memories but also showing many new features so that every second in the game makes you unable to take your eyes off.

Than Long Three Kingdoms right from the introduction of the plot has surprised players when possessing realistic 3D graphics no less than the illustrious Dynasty Warriors game series on Game consoles and PCs. Along with that, the skill effects are meticulously designed, each character has a unique set of fighting skills with a godly skill with strong destructive power.

In each match, with the selection of hot colors or unique and creative skill icon images, players will admire the epic combos, knocking effects, explosive lights. covers the entire screen, creating a sense of rush, strong, bold action.

Miracle Origin owns bright 3D graphics, a setting full of fantasy colors, drawing players into the main quest system through an engaging and in-depth storyline.

Although the first stage is not too different from other games of the same genre, it makes up for it with a fast game tempo, colorful moves, powerful and epic destructive power, and a monster system. unique makes Miracle Origin Mobile more interesting, stimulating the desire to explore more in players. The unique feature that only appears in the mobile game Miracle Origin is the transformation system that both awakens the power of the character and allows to turn all your battles into extremely dramatic air battles.

Dawn Break is a manga/anime-style action role-playing mobile game with 3D graphics covered with colorful and dazzling colors. Along with that are the epic skill effects, the tight guillotine combos that are difficult for the naked eye to catch, making the player not feel bored, on the contrary, he is attracted to each development in the game.

The way to fight in Dawn Break Origin is also very special, the A, B keys to attack do not have a cooldown like normal skills, but in return the player must manipulate flexibly to create combos. accurate, creating surprises in battle.

Overlords Of Oblivion unfolds an intriguing storyline that begins with a prophecy that a hero will appear to end the reign of gods and demons.

Overlords Of Oblivion Mobile uses the classic gameplay system of the ARPG series, which means you will use the virtual key system to release skills, fight with layers of monsters and difficult bosses. But not only that, the game also expands further with a flexible combo system and many auxiliary moves such as dodging, blocking, combos in the air, and thereby helping players have realistic and unreal experiences. Less chaotic in a real-time arena.

MU Awaken VNG focuses a lot on the role-playing style of plowing and pulling, which made a name for MU Online in the past, combining with today’s trendy ARPG action elements when allowing players to combine skills to discharge skills to the next level. Dozens of skills at once.

In terms of graphics, it must be admitted that MU Awaken VNG has nothing to be criticized. The character image is quite detailed, the surrounding context is clearly depicted, the furniture and equipment are all beautifully created in full 3D. On top of that, the skill system of each character is also simulated very majestically and creates a sense of voyeuristic combat for players.

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