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Angel of Death Strange little girl and spooky building

Angel of Death Strange little girl and spooky building

Angel of Death begins when the little girl slowly opens her eyes after a long sleep, she squints and looks around. The place is a room that is not too small but quaint and gloomy. She found herself sitting on a small chair, facing a large window, casting a strange blue light into the room.

Angel of Death Strange little girl and spooky building

The little girl stood up curiously, walked slowly to the window, and looked out. Reflected in the window pane was the silhouette of a very large moon, emitting an eerie blue like her eyes. She does not clearly remember why she was in this place, the last memories show that she was a witness to a murder case, so she had to go to the hospital for a check-up.

Wait… what murder case, who was the victim, what did you see to be a witness? Ignoring those bewildered thoughts she began to examine the room, it looked like a ward, but it didn’t look like the hospital she had come this morning to check on something. Everything here is dark and full of the smell of disinfectant but… it’s fine.

For any little girl, this was a terrible nightmare, but for the blue-eyed girl it was quite normal. Yes, quite normal (?) After going out of the aunt’s room, she suddenly thought of her parents, yes, I still have parents, I have to find them immediately. On a nearby wall was a sign with the words “Who are you? WHAT is a person?

In order to know, one must rediscover one’s own nature. Is that the true nature… or just the nature you want to see? An angel or a sacrifice? Only when you know your true nature will you be able to leave this place.” The blue-eyed girl didn’t understand what the sign was saying, but she wanted to leave, so she had to keep going.

In the next room there is a desk with a computer, The strange thing is that only one mirror facing the computer can reflect her silhouette while the other mirrors are just some vague silhouette. Rèèèè… The computer suddenly started up and started running some kind of program before asking the girl a question.

It was clearly not what Rachel wanted, but at least the card helped her through the heavy fenced gate in the distance. As soon as she reached the elevator, a lifeless announcement sounded confirming that the girl on the bottom floor had accepted to be a sacrifice.

From this moment the game officially begins, all the doors on the other floors will open and everyone is ready to enjoy the fun. Rachel was bewildered by that announcement, what the hell was going on, who was that kid on the bottom floor, wasn’t she, is the game with sacrifices part of the TV show?

reality is not. Although still extremely bewildered, to leave this strange place, there is only one way to go to the upper floors because the elevator is only one way. Continuing the Angel of Death storyline, having just set foot on the B6 floor, she almost vomited because of the unpleasant smell in this area.

Unlike the cheap horror movies she’d seen, the area had a distinct stench of rot, but it wasn’t the rotting of rotting flesh, but rather the filth that hadn’t been cleaned up for a long time. There are trash cans piled up like mountains everywhere, it doesn’t seem like this place has a cleaning worker and the owner who manages this floor, if she didn’t remember the announcement earlier, there would be a host on each floor, as well.

I don’t really care about cleanliness. When looking around, Rachel discovered an injured bird, so she found a cookie to feed it. Humans and birds began to become friendlier, but before her wish to become the Condor Goddess was materialized, the new bird appeared 3 seconds after the standard supporting character in a horror movie was split in half by Zack, owner of floor B6.

He wielded a sharp scythe and told Rachel in an excited voice that I gave you 3 seconds to run before that kid. Zack is certainly a manly man when he says he can do it. As for Rachel, perhaps because of the main character’s aura, she looked weak at first, but in the end she still managed to escape and found a way to unlock the elevator to go upstairs.

Zack is clearly the problem with Rachel but the little girl herself is probably not simple either. Because before she escaped, Rachel still tried to spend some time burying her brother, but she found that the item that was split in half didn’t look right. “Poor thing, but now you are not my perfect bird.

Rest assured this can still be fixed.”So to make the baby perfect, she used a needle to sew its two halves together as before, before using a shovel to dig a hole and bury it in the nearby land. It’s normal for a little girl to feel that a dark room with a strong smell of disinfectant is normal.

A little girl is chased by a killer with a scythe, but still has time to bury the goddess. A little girl felt that the magic of division in two was not perfect, so she patched it up like a garment. It is a story full of humanity and promises unexpected turns in the future. As soon as she went up to the B5 floor, which looked like a hospital, Rachel met an acquaintance

that person claimed to be acquainted, but she did not. Obviously, floor B5 is similar to floor B6 in that there is no sign of anyone and the only person that appears is 99% likely to be the host of that floor. So even though Dr. Danny Dickens was friendly and said he was a psychotherapist for Rachel, she still had a certain precaution.

Danny in Angel of Death is very friendly, very warm and caring, the right kind of man that all teenage girls like, but whose family is that girl, not Rachel, she feels he is too caring. level to himself, especially the eyes. Danny kept saying over and over that her eyes were beautiful and he didn’t want them to get dirty, even if it was just a speck of dust.

Putting aside the precaution since Danny has not revealed anything too much so far, they continued the conversation until they both entered an operating room. At this point, Danny’s expression began to change, it twisted in a weird way like some perverted killers in Japanese manga.

He also started changing his voice saying he wished he had Ray’s pretty face then asked her to go into the back room to find something to bring him. When Ray stepped inside, he saw that this room was nothing but glass jars containing many different sets of eyeballs.

Even knowing that they were fake eyeballs did not help Ray to be less afraid of the doctor’s sick collecting hobby. During the installation of the new eyeball, Danny tells Ray not to go anywhere, but she doesn’t feel well if she stays in here. She wanted to run away, but found that the door was locked by him, even though she found a crowbar to pry the lock, Danny had been standing behind her ever since.

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