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The story behind the famous rock icon

The story behind the famous rock icon

The hand gesture with the index finger, little finger and thumb extended, and the middle and ring fingers folded, is already familiar to rock fans, although this gesture also means in sign language. “I love you”.

The story behind the famous rock icon

Gene Simmons – the male vocalist of the veteran rock group from the US – Kiss – has recently filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to register a copyright for the first hand movement. In particular, Gene Simmons (67 years old) claims that he was the first person to use this move at a concert in 1974.

The hand gesture with the index finger, little finger, thumb outstretched, middle finger and ring finger folded is familiar to rock music lovers, even though this move is also a sign language meaning ” I love you”.

Although there has been no official statement from the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is foreseeable that Gene Simmons will face many difficulties during this copyright attempt. Simply because before he used the famous hand gesture on tour, there were many people who used this movement with different message meanings.

In addition, in some religious beliefs, this hand gesture refers to the devil’s horns. The ancient Italians often performed this hand gesture with the meaning of warding off evil spirits. Male singer Ronnie James Dio – a member of the rock group Black Sabbath – first used this hand gesture on the music stage because he heard the legend from his Italian-born grandmother.

Listening to “roaring” rock music makes you… calmer

If you’re not a fan of rock but have ever tried going to a real rock night, one thing’s for sure, that sometimes loud, fierce, shrill music can make you dizzy and never will. intend to go listen to another rock night.

But, if you are a big fan of rock, especially “heavy metal” rock, then the most intense music will be the “panacea” to free you from the chaos and confusion of moods and emotions. touch.

A study just published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (specializing in the study of human neuroscience) has found that heavy rock music actually has the ability to make people When a listener is in a rage, the disorder can become surprisingly calm.

Heavy metal, emotional (emo), hardcore, punk, screamo, and a number of other genres of music together make up a genre of music, so-called “crazy, intense” music – rock.

This genre of music is characterized by chaos (intentional art installation) both in sound and in the artist’s performance, played at high volume, “heavy”, rough, frenetic, intense music. , full of energy, performed by strong, strong, emotional vocals, containing lyrics about anxiety, depression, loneliness, separation…

Yet researchers have discovered that that music has a magical effect on soothing the emotions of listeners, if those listeners are real rock-loving listeners.

In the past, there have been many neuroscientific studies that suggested that this type of “screaming” music leads to a mood that is more likely to become aggressive, aggressive, and often makes young people more likely to commit dangerous behaviors, get into trouble with the law.

Therefore, rock music in the eyes of academic researchers is often not included in the peak music genre with subtle effects on the human brain and emotions.

However, research just published by a team led by Australian psychologist Dr Genevieve Dingle has found a result that pleases rock fans. They worked with 39 regular heavy metal listeners and die-hard rock fans, ranging in age from 18-34.

The study participants will first spend 16 minutes inciting anger, each person will sit and retell stories that happened in relationships, work, money … that make them remember each time. feeling highly frustrated.

After those 16 minutes, they would be switched to listening to songs of their own choosing for 10 minutes followed by another 10 minutes of complete silence.

Researchers have found that the “screaming” music they heard after 16 minutes of being agitated helped them relax just as effectively as sitting quietly.

Dr Genevieve Dingle said: “We found that rock music has the ability to regulate mood, especially negative emotions such as sadness, anger, even, it also helps to lift the mood. generate positive emotions after listeners relax with their favorite rock songs.”

“When experiencing anger, true rock fans will choose heavy, harsh, angry songs that correspond to their anger, but then when they hear it, the anger quickly subsides.” Dr. Dingle added.

The conclusion of this psychological study is that rock music can make rock lovers feel more positive and inspired to cope with negative problems that occur in life, they can be more mentally conditioned. mood and spirit up after listening to music.

Whether or not they become agitated, aggressive, or aggressive depends on each subject with different cultural backgrounds and personalities, but in Dr. Genevieve Dingle’s research, no one was more agitated. after listening to rock even though they had experienced anger before.

Music is a great option to soothe your emotions without risking yourself into dangerous games. Depending on the personality of each person, each individual will have their own choices for music that can help them ease their mood. Rock heavy metal is an effective choice for many people with strong personalities.

A second goal of the study was to see what songs an angry person would choose to listen to. Of the test participants, half chose songs containing themes of anger and agitation; the other half chose themes of sadness and loneliness.

They are all rock fans, so they all choose to listen to rock music, although the topics are different. However, songs that seem to contain many of those negative emotions help listeners quickly feel happier, make them love themselves, love life, be healthy, and excited.

Cruel, gritty rock music may not be for everyone, but for true rock lovers, it’s certainly a potent source of solace.

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