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Top 8 notable foreign mobile game projects in the past week

Top 8 notable foreign mobile game projects in the past week

Many blockbuster online mobile game projects in the entertainment and role-playing, action genres have been and are about to be launched in the global market, but Vietnamese gamers should not miss the opportunity to try it out!

Top 8 notable foreign mobile game projects in the past week

GAMEVIL – The Korean publisher known for many blockbusters on mobile has just signed a contract with SINGTA development company to release a 3D RPG product with the temporary name Giant. And true to its name, this Viking-inspired game will bring players to a strange world, where you have to track down and destroy anomalous monsters in different lands.

Each hero will have their own mission and can perform special moves. Besides the single-player mode, Giant is developing other special features such as conquest or raid. Although not many images have been revealed about Giant, but we can see that the game’s graphics are quite close, making us think of cartoons for the whole family to enjoy.

Dragonfly Games – the famous developer for the PC online shooter game Special Force has decided to cooperate with Gamevil to launch an online mobile game called Alliance of Champions and Empires (ACE).

Set in the world of Age of Storm, this mobile role-playing game will focus on competitive PvP mode between gamers. The game plot depicts the battle between two gods fighting for the “Gaia Stone”. The matches in ACE will take place in real time, requiring skillful tactical coordination from players. Other familiar elements of the RPG genre will also be brought and gathered in ACE

Fishing Superstars 2 is built on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, and promises to bring a superior visual experience compared to part 1. The Unreal Engine 4 toolkit will bring players into a vivid world with endless vivid fish species and fishing spots with extremely realistic scenery. This will be a unique experience for anglers who love this game.

With tactical gameplay, Majestia will bring players fiery battles, richly executed moves and heroes from 5 alliances Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy and Dark. The game also has optimization capabilities, allowing players to use meticulously outlined strategies based on simple and intuitive battle modes, or turn the tide and win instantly. before situations of thousands of pounds hanging hairs.

Unlike many mobile games from Korea that use Unreal Engine 4, Royal Blood is equipped with the state-of-the-art Unity 5 monster. That’s why the gap in graphics between the PC and Mobile platforms has been almost completely filled with the scene in the game showing up extremely detailed and vivid. In addition, Unity 5 is also capable of keeping the frame rate stable, even when 15 players appear at the same time.

In addition to the story-based Solo mode, Royal Blood also brings a huge online arena that has never been seen on Mobile, even comparable to the seniors on PC / Console. Accordingly, gamers will be immersed in extremely dramatic large-scale PvP battles with up to 200 people at the same time.

Hundred Soul can be considered as one of the ARPG mobile games with the highest graphics technology today, promising to compete directly with the PC / Console senior. Moreover, this game also provides more than 100 types of weapons and each type has different strengths and weaknesses suitable for each battle situation. For example, with enemies who are skeleton warriors, a large ax will be more effective than a sword and vice versa.

Manipulation in the game Birdie Crush is quite easy to get used to, players can freely build their characters and equip them as they want as well as easily make swings or push the ball with just a simple touch. In addition to the normal game mode, Birdie Crush also allows gamers to compete with each other through fiery real-time matches.

Alliance X Empire is a very promising new action MMORPG because it converges many advantages to be comparable to Lineage 2: Revolution. The game not only possesses a quality graphics platform thanks to Unreal Engine 4, but also has an extremely epic RvR combat system.

Basically, Alliance X Empire brings the same control system as other action mobile games. Players will use the virtual joystick to move characters and explore the mysterious, vast fantasy world with countless battles and collect various items.

And because it is an MMORPG with a strong focus on RvR fighting style, the PVP feature is what makes Alliance X Empire so attractive. Once your characters reach a certain level, they can advance to their own battlefield, designed for both the Alliance and Empire factions to slaughter each other.

Taichi Panda 3 is a large open-world MMORPG created by the 3rd generation Flexi Engine. This is a graphics technology developed by SnailGames itself, promising to bring much better graphics than the previous generation. the forerunner.

The game is an orthodox sequel to Taichi Panda, with a very beautiful oriental fantasy design style and detailed to every little detail, the combat mechanism is extremely smooth and vivid. , allowing players to freely change the main control, and also have a lot of engaging interactive gameplay content, allowing players to explore the vast virtual world.

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