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Blizzard is about to release a big update for Diablo II adding a ranking mode, adding a new Rune Word and more

Blizzard is about to release a big update for Diablo II adding a ranking mode

The last time, the characters in Diablo II were tweaked by the publisher on March 23, 2010. When Diablo II: Resurrected the graphical remake of Diablo II aired, all gameplay elements were kept intact, that is, all of the character’s strengths, weaknesses, and irrationalities remained intact. .

Blizzard is about to release a big update for Diablo II adding a ranking mode, adding a new Rune Word and more

In the latest blog post, Blizzard confirmed that it will soon adjust the character to balance, and announced a series of new elements.

First, Blizzard will reopen the famous ladder rank mechanism. Players will participate in a race to see who reaches level 99 first, and will be able to challenge themselves with 4 ladders:

– Standard: the normal version allows playing 4 villages.

– Hardcore: player has only one life to play through 4 villages.

– Standard Expansion: players can participate in all content, including 5 villages.

– Hardcore Expansion: gamers only have one life to reach the final boss, Lord of Desolation Baal.

Phasmophobia – “strange things” in the horror game series: No ghost is scarier than the one you imagine

Don’t expect Phasmophobia to make you feel stunned or stunned like other horror games, but it is enough to give you goosebumps and be ready to sit down with your friends for hours to discuss what’s going on. just happened in the game.

Horror games have never freaked me out, even big franchises like Resident Evil or Amnesia. All of them have similar elements like this: The jumpscare that attracts the player’s heart, the thrilling chases to suffocate, the monstrous monsters accompanied by a series of creepy sound effects. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the emotions and experiences that horror games bring. It’s just that even during the climax, the most intense, I didn’t feel really scared.

Phasmophobia is an exception. This game will really cause a horrifying obsession in your mind. It takes you into a world that isn’t real, but when you pause, some aspect of that virtual world slowly turns into reality. Don’t expect Phasmophobia to make you feel stunned or stunned like other horror games, but it did make me and my friends willing to sit together for hours to discuss what just happened in the game.

In short and easiest to understand, Phasmophobia is a detective game related to demons. You will play as 1 of a maximum of 4 detectives (corresponding to 4 players) and explore everywhere, from roadside houses to mental hospitals. Your task is to find out what kind of ghost those places are haunted, and then leave immediately. It sounds like Ghostbusters, but I think this is a “Ghostbusters prequel” rather, because you just need to determine the identity of the ghost to be able to leave the scene, no need to fight Or catch anything.

To do that, you are equipped with a variety of tools, stored in a truck – acting as the headquarters for your team each time they move to a new location. We have a flashlight, which always takes up 1 of the 3 slots in your inventory (those playing with VR get 4 slots); EMF reader, similar to the PKE Meter in Ghostbusters – a small box that glows when demonic activity is detected; a UV flashlight to look at ghost’s footprints and fingerprints; and a thermometer to determine when the temperature in the room has dropped.

At first glance, Phasmophobia seems to be a pretty basic game: You just need to run into the scene with the EMF reader, find the ghost, then run out, that’s it. If you really think so but have never directly played this game, then give it a try, and good luck! The beauty of Phasmophobia lies in its patience and delicate arrangement. Whether or not ghosts are found is only a matter of time, and that’s just the beginning of an extremely new horror experience.

Initially, Phasmophobia will lull you with a mild spooky experience, enough for you to be subjective and underestimate the horror level of this game. But then, the fun really begins. Finding the ghost’s hiding place is one thing, even a chore in the higher levels. However, determining the identity of that ghost was the problem.

The character you control also encounters certain limitations. You cannot move fast, only 3 tools are allowed. Even once the ghost is located, you still have to return to the scene several times with different tools. Each type of ghost will usually leave 3 types of traces, such as pushing the signal of the EMF reader to level 5, lowering the temperature in the room or writing on the wall.

This is where things get even more exciting, scary, and even exciting. The first hunts in Phasmophobia are always simple and gentle, until the demons “reveal” in the following levels. They notice you faster and start trying to break you. That can cause you to lose your teammates, sometimes hear strange breathing right next to your ears and even see the silhouette of someone gently passing in front of your eyes in a split second.

The ghosts of Phasmophobia can kill your character, but they usually only scare you and your teammates away. Honestly, I don’t want to share too many details in an article like this, because I don’t want to spoil your unexpected experiences. But I will analyze an example to show why this game is really so haunting.

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