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Take a look at 5 jeans trends that dominate the current women’s fashion playground

Take a look at 5 jeans trends that dominate the current women's fashion playground

To this day, jeans have always been one of the indispensable items in a woman’s wardrobe. The attraction of this style of pants lies not only in the comfortable feeling of wearing, but also in the ability to flexibly change in any fashion season of the year as well as not being influenced by the latest trends.

Take a look at 5 jeans trends that dominate the current women’s fashion playground

Along with the explosion of social networking platforms, the fashion industry has also undergone a general direction revolution, giving fashionistas a new perspective on style and trends. At the moment, the relaxed spirit is holding the upper hand of the fashion village. Undoubtedly, jeans – a symbol of freedom, health – have obviously become an important highlight in many Ready-to-wear and Haute Couture collections of many famous fashion houses.

Roll-up pants made an impressive comeback on the runway of the last Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Week. The familiar design of this pants model has now been dotted by designers with the typical Y2K style that is very popular today, such as embroidered flowers, butterfly motifs… Along with the domination of the series Fashion trends with a classic retro breath, roll-up pants contribute to diversifying the fashionista’s wardrobe, adding momentum and freshness.

The craze of the patchwork trend – the technique of patching different pieces of fabric together – has not shown any signs of cooling down in the coming year. That has been proven throughout the fashion catwalks today. Besides the Y2K inspiration, patchwork jeans are also present in many different style mixes, from feminine and feminine when combined with a few sheer see-through shirts to personality and rebellion with a bralette.

Thanks to the current fashion innovation, famous designers have gradually moved away from the old dress codes to move towards the spirit of freedom and difference. Accordingly, sundressed jeans were once considered too simple, monotonous and inappropriate to create a proper fashion outfit. However, now, fashion houses have brought a whole new look to these pants, a liberal beauty but equally luxurious.

Although the era has many changes and the fashion industry has also undergone many renewal periods, it is probably impossible to erase the most basic values ​​of fashion. That’s why the classic silhouette has stood the test of time and is still so beloved by women today. And this is also an indispensable jeans design in the ladies’ wardrobe in the coming seasons.

If the previous fashion seasons welcomed the rise of flared jeans, from Fall-Winter 2021 onwards, wide-leg jeans officially joined the women’s fashion playground. Not only “roaming” in the Ready-to-wear segment, but this style of pants is also favored by many fashion houses to be included in their carefully cared for Haute Couture collections. Still with that sturdy, liberal look, this style of pants is also cleverly refined in each joint and detail, making them more eye-catching and luxurious than ever.

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