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Chanel métiers d’art 2022 collection virginie viard’s sublime phrase in neo-urban style

Chanel métiers d'art 2022 collection virginie viard's sublime phrase in neo-urban style

As usual, the Métiers d’Art is a show where CHANEL celebrates the superior craftsmanship of the master craftsmen working at the French fashion house. This comeback at the le19M center, the fashion house wants to pay tribute to the 8 craft workshops, from the shoe design studio to the jewelry studio, which have constantly brought unique creations in each new CHANEL collection launch season.

Chanel métiers d’art 2022 collection virginie viard’s sublime phrase in neo-urban style

Since 2002, Métiers d’Art has become a familiar annual rendezvous for fashionistas, where the timeless classic values ​​and high-class craftsmanship of the CHANEL brand converge. As the holder of a mission to lead and elevate the fashion house’s decades-old pride, Art Director Virginie Viard evokes the elegant beauty, femininity but equally strong in women. women through the latest designs of the Métiers d’Art 2022 Collection.

The show was held at the craft center le19M, where hundreds of talented craftsmen from 8 different sewing factories worked together under the roof of CHANEL. The minimalist structure of the building is also cleverly integrated into the outfits by designer Virginie Viard with elaborate cuts and delicately treated fabric surface motifs.

At the same time, the front of the building stands out with intertwined “thin concrete fibers”, symbolizing the pride of CHANEL’s famous French Haute Couture line, made by architect Rudy Ricciotti. From the lines to the interior of the le19M, Virginie Viard skillfully applies each needle line in the Métiers d’Art 2022 BST.

As can be seen, the architectural design on the front of the le19M is clearly visible on the pockets of the long coat as well as the tunic opening the show. In addition, the collection also captivated the world with the soaring beauty of the purple 3-dimensional knitwear design, including cardigans, crop tops and culottes; or eye-catching metallic gold hand-woven shirt to master every outfit combination.

As mentioned earlier, the CHANEL Métiers d’Art 2022 collection brings together hundreds of highly skilled craftsmen involved in the creative process. It can be said that the show Métiers d’Art 2022 is the performance of 8 of the most famous traditional craft workshops in France

including embroidery and tweed Lesage workshops; embroidery workshop Atelier Montex; Massaro shoe factory; Lemairé feather and flower factory; Maison Michel hat and hair accessory workshop; Lognon pleating workshop; Goossens jeweler; and the Desrues jewelry factory.

Specifically, the collection introduces many rich knitted, tweed, and embroidered designs on the familiar minimalist color background of CHANEL fashion house. All sets are coordinated with Mary Jane shoes, the color of the shoes also changes to match each outfit.

In particular, this collection also challenges Virginie Viard’s limitless creativity in renewing the brand’s “unique code” with the famous tweed and bouclé fabrics on suit and dress designs. Since then, CHANEL’s icons have been replaced with a new, more modern appearance.

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