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Dior men fall winter 2022 collection the arrogant boys of the 2020s

Dior men fall winter 2022 collection the arrogant boys of the 2020s

Designer Kim Jones brings the liberal spirit of America, the youthful and rebellious energy of the youth protest culture in the 50s, and the street fashion mark from the UK into the Dior Men Fall Winter 2022 collection. new.

Dior men fall winter 2022 collection the arrogant boys of the 2020s

The main inspiration that helps the current Artistic Director of Dior Men “shape” the groundbreaking fashion creations in this collection comes from the classic novel “On The Road” by writer Jack Kerouac. It can be said that he was the first to introduce the concept of “Beat Generation”, a literary movement started by a part of American authors in the 1950s, in the youth community and protest culture at that time. hour. “ They are a very influential generation for young people ,” shared designer Kim Jones.

The 80m long stage is minimally decorated with a black background, the floor is covered with a copy of the work “On The Road” in the form of a large scroll. The novel was officially published in 1957, the same year that founder Christian Dior died and 24-year-old designer Yves Saint Laurent was appointed to take over the fashion house.

Right from the first Ready-to-wear and Haute Couture collection at this famous French fashion house, he has shown his rebellious personality and desire to show a different side of young people in the language of fashion. .

Regardless of the era, the young generation is always active and constantly innovating. That is also the reason why Kim Jones wants to rekindle the spirit of dare to challenge, dare to be different of the 50s protest culture back to the Fall Winter 2022 fashion season. That idea is very suitable for the orientation of breaking all barriers. antiquated barriers in the current period of world fashion innovation in the 2020s.

It can be seen that designer Kim Jones has done a very good job of innovating in this collection. A collection that not only gathers the values ​​that make up the glorious historical milestone of the United States, but also skillfully integrates the quintessence of French art with exquisite material handling techniques from the UK.

Regarding the designs in the Dior Men Autumn Winter 2022 BST, designer Kim Jones continues to promote novel variations with tailoring. This time, tailoring clothes become stronger and more modern than ever when combined with shorts made of nylon, denim and velvet. All are reminiscent of author Jack Kerouac’s long journey across America in the 1940s. Besides, hand-painted leather jackets and trenchcoats are also the most notable items of the show.

Throughout the 49 outfits in the Fall-Winter 2022 collection, many Fair Isle-style knitted shirt designs, traditional weaving techniques that create colorful patterns originating from the UK, 60s-inspired handkerchiefs and 60s-inspired handkerchiefs. Tweed fabric from the archives of the French fashion house is also fully utilized by designer Kim Jones and refreshed with modern touches in a sporty direction, spacious shape and delicate cut.

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