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Suggestions on how to coordinate outfits for winter and the year-end festival season

Suggestions on how to coordinate outfits for winter and the year-end festival season

In the cold weather of the winter day, stylish outfit combinations are always the thing that fashionistas care about. From light, youthful casual to sophisticated and classic monochrome, all create an impressive fashion space for the winter as well as the year-end festival season.

Suggestions on how to coordinate outfits for winter and the year-end festival season

Winter kicks off many year-end events as well as the season of festivals and parties. In the fashion industry, when it comes to winter, it’s about layering. The maps with textures, colors and fabrics typical for this season are always the most interested by fashionistas. To understand how to choose the right fashion items and how to dress for the chilly weather in a methodical and appropriate way to attend all year-end activities and events, follow these suggestions. The following idea of ​​Beautiful.

A. How to choose winter clothes

1. Textures

If in the spring-summer season, the girls are familiar with the bright colors of bright tie-dye or paisley motifs, then in the autumn and winter, the motifs are classic and sophisticated like houndstooth (wolf’s fangs). ), checkered (or tartan) and Nordic motifs are the ideal choice for a bright winter day.

2. Color

In addition to the basic color shades of the outfit like white, black, gray and navy, this winter, color shades like olive green, ocher, mustard yellow, burgundy red and pink contribute to the multi-layered transformation. for ladies’ dresses.

B. Suggestions on how to mix & match outfits

1. Casual style

Winter is the most suitable time to transform clothes with a youthful and dynamic casual style. Just knowing how to mix layering, women will have countless new and unique mixes. This is also the easiest style to coordinate, helping girls freely express their fashion sense.

With just a pair of jeans, breton top (striped sailor shirt) or turtleneck sweater, girls can combine layering with trenchcoat, beanie hat and a scarf to keep the body warm and fit. fashion. Patterns such as leopard print, tiger, pinstripes stripes seem to be only for autumn and winter, but they are also popular until spring and summer.

2. Formal style

Knee-length dresses, blazers and suits are must-have items in a formal outfit. To add a pop of style to this outfit, choose accessories like sunglasses, watches, necklaces, rings, bracelets and bags. The formal style gives the look of a mature and strong woman. Therefore, choose fashion items that fit your figure and cleverly combine accessories. Blazers or trenchcoats are great for outerwear.  Stylish ladies can also choose a cardigan paired with a shirt with a blazer over it. For the bottom half, tailored trousers and pointed heels bring the girls to formal events.

3. Monochrome style

Today, women often use the phrase “less is more” as a motto when coordinating their outfits. However, minimalism does not mean monotony, but rather enhances the sophistication of the outfit. It can be said that monochrome is full of sophistication and elegance in a ton-sur-ton arrangement that seems to have no accents. It is the sophistication that enhances the entire beauty of the wearer.

Ton-sur-ton beige color is not only a trendy fashion of spring and summer, but in autumn and winter this combination is still fresh and full of life with winter fashion items such as turtlenecks, trench coats, boots suede and gloves (or scarves). The monochrome mix in black and white tones seems to be quite familiar to the audience. However, it is not easy to coordinate winter outfits with these two tones so that they are modern but still retain a classic and sophisticated look. The combination of blazer combined with flared pants, high heels and clutch is a typical example. With this outfit, the girls can wear a belt over the blazer to create a different highlight

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