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5 must-have fashion shoes in winter have you got them yet?

5 must-have fashion shoes in winter have you got them yet?

In the cold weather of winter, fashion shoes are one of the top concerns of women. Creating the elegance and momentum of a stylish lady must include the enchanting beauty of 5 types of winter shoes that any girl must own in her shoe cabinet. What shoes are those? Do you already have them in your shoe collection?

5 must-have fashion shoes in winter have you got them yet?

For decades, fashion shoes have been doing a great job in bringing the image of confident and seductive women to the pinnacle of fashion. Of course, no matter what era, fashion still has to follow the law of reincarnation, Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. When the weather is getting colder, the chic fashion shoes are like a perfect addition to the girls’ winter outfits becoming more perfect and trendy. Thanks to trend-leading shoe designs from famous fashion houses such as Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, Prada, etc., women can confidently “drop their figure” in #ootd (wear of the day) or events. some. So what fashion shoes should be in this cold winter time, let’s explore with Dep in this article.

According to Bloomingdale’s vice president and fashion director Erica Russo, “The go-to winter shoe is the knee-high boots.” This style of shoe was considered an upgrade of ankle boots in the 70s, but was not loved by women at that time and gradually disappeared in the fashion industry. In the past few years, when retro style has returned to the pulse of the trend, high-heeled boots have also made an impressive comeback. Still shoe designs with high heels and high necks up to the knee, maybe low or slightly above the knee, making it hard for girls to take their eyes off.

Fashion director of Moda Operandi believes: “the thicker the sole, the higher the coolness”. This winter, the thick sole shoe designs follow the trend of hiking shoes that have been on the throne since 2018. The outfit combinations with combat boots or high boots bring the stylish girls back to the heyday of the decade’s fashion. 90, personality and fashion.

The square toe shoe design first appeared on the runway for Spring 2018 of fashion house Bottega Veneta, but to this day, the spread of these shoe designs remains the same. Designer Daniel Lee’s Italian brand shoes are loved by fashionistas all over the world and eagerly sought to own. Not only are high heel sandals with eye-catching square toes, designers from other famous fashion brands also give women more square toe shoes, from boots to high heels. instant sole.

Similar to the trend of choosing handbags, the fastest way to upgrade a woman’s luxurious but equally elegant look is to choose a fashion shoe with the most trending motif today, which is printed. animal skin. Attracting the eye from the very first step, animal print shoes are a must-have fashion item this winter. Colorful snakeskin or crocodile skin motifs promise to keep the popularity of women not only in autumn and winter, but also in spring and summer.

Winter is also known as the season of year-end festivals. This is the time when girls are very interested in outfits as well as which fashion shoes are suitable to mix & match when attending year-end events or parties. Typical for trendy shoes for “party queens” are high heel sandals or pointed toe heels. Stylish girls won’t miss a beat with these gorgeous party shoes.

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