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5 indispensable items for the followers of maximalism style in autumn-winter

5 indispensable items for the followers of maximalism style in autumn-winter

In the past few years, the maximalism style has returned to the fashion industry, promising to bring bright colors and eye-catching textures to conquer the fashion world amidst the “soon to bloom” fashion trends.

5 indispensable items for the followers of maximalism style in autumn-winter

For decades, minimalism has dominated many aspects of the fashion industry, especially the ready-to-wear line, which all boil down to the concept of “less is more”. high fashioned. With prominent color shades that seem to be associated with spring and summer, or deep, dark tones suitable only for autumn and winter outfits, the maximalism style (maximum) directs the fashionistas to the school of color use. and outstanding textures to bring a splash to the autumn-winter outfits.

The beauty of maximalism lies in the exaggeration and eclectic style (improvised combinations). “ I always put my absolute faith in maximalism, ” shared designer Christitian Lacroix. “ Minimalism style has never won the trust of customers Haute Couture (high-end tailoring)“. Historically, maximalism fashion is associated with exaggerated and sophisticated designs. For example, Rococo fashion of the 18th century was characterized by “more is best”, the more the better. However, that was not yet the heyday of maximalism style. It wasn’t until 2017 that the maxi style was really revived and is loved by fashionistas to this day. The image of lovely girls posing in colorful and textured clothes on sunny and windy streets makes this style more attractive than ever.

There is no denying the pervasiveness and intense appeal of maximalism in the fashion industry. To conquer this unique style, let’s explore the following maximalism most typical items!

1. Jacket with striking colors and patterns

Autumn and Winter is the time when the jacket exudes all its beauty and function. In addition to keeping the body warm when the weather is getting colder, jackets give women impressive outfit combinations. For the perfect maximalism look, choose a jacket with a tassel on the back, feathers, or glitter details.

2. Fur or printed outerwear

Vivid print or fur coat designs attract the eye from the very first second. Along with bright colors such as pink, yellow, blue or red, the highlight of the outerwear is in the motifs and details on the shirt. In this Fall-Winter, for fashionistas who want to try their best with a “tough” maximalism style, choose a trench coat, overcoat or a long parka to transform their outfits.

3. Handbags of fleece or animal skin

One of the indispensable accessories in the #ootd set of any modern lady is a handbag. The line of handbags made of wool or animal skin is hand-dyed with colorful colors, contributing to a youthful and modern look for maximalist girls.

4. Snake or python pattern pants

Animal skin motifs not only take the throne in Spring and Summer, but in the current Fall and Winter season, python or snake skin motifs on pants, shirts and shoes are even more stylish. Both luxurious and trendy, python or snake skin texture makes it hard for fashion enthusiasts to resist its charm.

5. Light colored tights

Instead of choosing high-heeled boots, women can also choose light-colored tights with high-heeled sandals for their maximalism set. In cold weather, tights can keep your feet warm and are an ideal item to pair with skirts or jumpsuits.

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