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Street style most impressive fashion week paris haute couture spring summer 2022

Street style most impressive fashion week paris haute couture spring summer 2022

This year, haute couture week is filled with fun, as the fashion world finally has a chance to gather. For the Haute Couture Spring Summer 2022 season, most shows in Paris are held in a physical format – and this also means that fashionistas have the opportunity to dress up, wear beautiful street style to attend.

Street style most impressive fashion week paris haute couture spring summer 2022

The impact of the pandemic on the fashion industry is similar to the world war. In difficult times, people dress more simply, more economically. And then back to glory after that. After World War I ended, we had a prosperous 1920s with splendid Art Deco style. World War II ended, the world entered the glorious era of haute couture. And now, the fashion world also proves that post-pandemic street style will be more epic than ever.

Let’s take a look at Harper’s Bazaar with the most impressive street style outfits on the streets of Paris on the occasion of Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022.

Iridescent gold, the color of luxury

Today there are many rarer and more expensive metals than gold. But metallic gold is forever the shade that represents the ultimate luxury. Coming to the shows at Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 fashion week such as Schiaparelli, Chanel, Dior, fashionistas always prefer metallic gold.

Referring to haute couture fashion, many people think of elaborate beaded dresses. That haute couture style attachment can also be applied to street style, like the fashionistas at Paris fashion week Spring Summer 2022.

With the arrival of street fashion (streetwear), more and more fashionistas prefer big clothes. Haute couture fashion week is no exception.

looking back at the 40th anniversary of nike’s air force 1 shoes

Just starting 2022, Nike has teased many new limited edition Air Force 1 shoes. There is a reason for the sports fashion company to promote these shoes. Because 2022 celebrates the 40th anniversary of Nike’s classic sneakers.

Launched in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 model is one of the brand’s most popular sneakers, frequently used as a creative platform by stars and artists. Over the years, the shape of the shoe has changed slightly, as a subtle reflection of the changing times.

Let’s take a look back at Harper’s Bazaar at key milestones in the history of the Nike Air Force 1 shoe, a pair of shoes that accompanied the wave of streetwear culture.

About the Nike Air Force 1 sports shoe line

The Nike Air Force 1 (also abbreviated as AF1) line was designed by Bruce Kilgore.

The Air Force line comes in high top, mid and low ankle designs. The original 1982 Air Force 1 was a high top model. The low top was released a year later. The mid-top model was born late, only 12 years later in 1994.

The name Air Force is inspired by Air Force One, the plane dedicated to carrying the President of the United States. The name fits well with the design criteria of these sneakers – this is Nike’s first basketball shoe to use Nike Air technology, creating a lightweight shoe that doesn’t cause foot fatigue when playing sports. sports.

The birth of a fashion icon

In 1982, Nike wanted to launch a sports shoe following the popular basketball trend. Nike in-house designer, Bruce Kilgore, brilliantly crafted the curated silhouette, based on a combination of the Nike Tailwind and Nike Approach Hiking Boots, along with the thick soles commonly found in the shoe. basketball shoes models. The team calls it the Nike Air Force 1 shoe.

The idea of ​​the Nike team is to create a shoe that is light enough so that basketball players do not feel heavy and tired after a long time. The sole is slightly larger than the body of the shoe, increasing flexibility on the football field. The original design features a high top fastened with a velcro buckle. It also has a lacing system that allows the shoe to be adjusted in width/tightness according to the width of the foot, making it as comfortable as possible.

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