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Iron trend is back strongly with anti-coat facts

Iron trend is back strongly with anti-coat facts

Fashion trends keep coming back. What your mother wore twenty years ago may well be fashionable in your generation. We have seen this happen strongly in the current antiquity movement. Sparkling, shiny costumes are also not out of that trend. The iridescent trend is back and will continue to thrive in the coming period.

Iron trend is back strongly with anti-coat facts

Big brands like Balenciaga , Miu Miu, Givenchy, and many more, all have metallic designs in their collections this year. Whether it’s a fashion show or just a video, these outfits are eye-catching thanks to their reflective properties.

History is like that. After a period of sadness and crisis, there comes a time of joy. In the past two years, fashion has witnessed convenient and suitable outfits for… at home or meeting via Zoom. Because everyone is at home! But now it is different. The cheerful metallic luster represents the optimism and hope of people in the new period.

What style should I choose when the iridescent trend returns? Your sparkly outfit doesn’t have to be just for the party or the disco. Be a disco girl all day long. Metallic accessories can be used as accents for a neutral outfit. As simple as a pair of sparkling pink shoes combined with jeans. Makeup or hair with glittery tones is also a good idea.

Photographer Amer Mohamad and his team took the Ready to Go Party series of photos . The three pictures are three different styles In the opening photo, model Sasha Sahar’s eyes and outfit sparkle. This photo is full of unique creativity. The second photo is elegant with little sparkle from the jewelry. The blue suit in the last photo is high end couture.

The iridescent trend is back stronger than ever. Fashion-loving girl, get inspired by this picture to shop for yourself when Tet is coming.

The survival of the Nike Air Force 1 is entirely down to the fans in the city of Baltimore

“It was my first basketball shoe,” recalls Bruce Kilgore. After designing the Air Force 1, he also created other shoes such as Air Jordan II, Air Ace, Avenger…

To test the quality of his shoes, Bruce Kilgore invited his colleague Tinker Hatfield (who is now Nike’s VP of Design and Special Projects). The two drove to nearby colleges, asking the basketball team to try out their new design.

Initially, Nike planned to kill off the AF1 line when the technology became obsolete. However, this line of sports shoes has become a classic product of the company because of its loyal fans from Baltimore, a city in the state of Maryland, USA.

In this city, Nike shoe retailers have gathered to create new versions of the AF1 line of shoes. Each month, they design and release an exclusive color scheme together. The “color of the month” campaign helped turn Baltimore into a mecca for the Nike Air Force 1, a must-visit for those looking for unusual versions of the shoe.

Thanks to the help of Baltimore retailers, Nike decided to revive the Air Force 1 line of shoes. The shoe was released in 1982, discontinued in 1984, and finally reborn in 1986. Since then, These shoes are renewed every year with different colorways. In 2001, Nike also launched smaller sizes for women.

The shoes of streetwear and hip hop culture

Unlike the Air Jordan line that has many aggressive advertising campaigns, the Air Force is Nike’s “stepchild”. Air Jordan is associated with the name of basketball legend Michael Jordan and is sold nationwide. And the Air Force, although appearing on the feet of some NBA basketball stars such as Moses Malone and Mychael Thompson, is almost exclusively sold in the inner city of major cities. It didn’t even appear in Nike’s catalog in the 1980s, according to a Washington retailer.

However, the Nike Air Force 1 shoes quickly became a favorite of street fashion players, because of the white-on-white color code. The creator of AF1, Bruce Kilgore, didn’t even know how popular his designs were until he visited the factory in Taiwan. “When I visited the factory in Taiwan in 1987, I didn’t know they were still making the Air Force 1. And they told me ‘it’s always hot’. This took me by surprise,” Bruce Kilgore recalls.

The commercial success of the AF1 line was officially established in the late 1990s and 2000s, when it entered the hip hop and rap communities. The most popular rappers of that time like Nelly, Jay-Z, The Wu Tang Clan… wore Nike Air Force 1 shoes everywhere, even on album covers and music magazines, making this shoe model become more popular than ever. time out. Jay-Z even rapped about Air Force 1 shoes in the song Can I Live II in 1998.

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