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Why is every louis vuitton exotic leather bag worth a fortune?

Why is every louis vuitton exotic leather bag worth a fortune?

Exotic leather (python, stingray, lizard, ostrich, crocodile) are high-quality materials, enchanting the world with natural beauty. Exotic leather is tanning material that does not come from poultry (cow, calves, sheep). In the fashion dictionary, they are the embodiment of the most luxurious and luxurious beauty. At Louis Vuitton, crocodile skin remains the heart of the brand’s exotic leather artifacts.

Why is every louis vuitton exotic leather bag worth a fortune?

Each Louis Vuitton exotic leather bag can take 350 steps to complete

An exotic leather work can go through up to 350 different steps to perfection . Each stage is carefully monitored, with absolute strict standards. With premium crocodile leather, it takes artisans 6–8 weeks to tan, depending on their size and natural properties. This is followed by 6 weeks of staining, wetting and polishing of the surface, before the handwork begins.

At this point, the fate of each skin type is decided. Louis Vuitton artisans; with decades of fine craftsmanship and a keen eye; will determine the style of the bag, the color and the surface of the material when finished. Each finished design is an exhibition of beauty. There, the inherent natural beauty of each skin type is honored and displayed for us to admire.

Louis Vuitton also invented new methods of dyeing and treating materials. On average, the brand’s design team tests up to 15 different dye formulations, to find the perfect shade. Currently, Louis Vuitton’s exotic leather works are available in 33 distinctive tones. Louis Vuitton holds the most diverse palette of couture houses in the realm of exotic tanning.

The art of exquisite leather craftsmanship is showcased by Louis Vuitton on famous brands such as Capucines , Twist , Petite Malle, Petite Boite Chapeau, City Steamer. The unique colors, textures, and graphic effects of each design meet the superior craftsmanship of the artisans. Since then, each bag from exotic leather becomes a unique work of art, and the desire of the world.


Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are the most popular sisters in the modeling village today. Whenever they appear together, the media’s interest is not only doubled (x2) but squared (²). The appearance in the Versace Spring Summer 2022 ad campaign of Gigi and Bella Hadid has such explosive appeal! Especially since it’s been two years since the sisters participated in a photo shoot or fashion campaign together.

Creative director Donatella Versace applied the rebellious, impromptu fashion style of the 2000s Y2K as the headline for the Versace Spring Summer 2022 show. Now, she continues to bring this style to the ad campaign.

Versace’s most iconic design of the 2000s – a glossy black dress with gold pinstripes, called The Safety Pin Dress – was reborn for the latest collection. It is mixed with Versace’s recent It bag La Medusa, in the latest version a model with a gilded chain.

Inviting sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid as advertising faces is also a very Y2K element of the Versace Spring Summer 2022 campaign. The 2000s was when the first hit It girl appeared: Paris Hilton . That blonde peach has created big shopping trends every time she appears in public.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Hadid sisters are typical of the It girls of the 21st century, as influential as Paris Hilton in the 2000s. Choosing these two It girls, Versace perfectly reproduces the Y2K style. only through the fashion but also through the atmosphere of the campaign.

Versace Spring Summer 2022 campaign has the participation of sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid in women’s fashion, Latino male singer Maluma for men’s fashion. And another special character: It is the creative director of the brand, Mrs. Donatella Versace.

In a picture frame, Mrs. Donatella Versace has her messy messy hair like Gigi Hadid, lying between the sisters Gigi and Bella. All three look like a real family.

It’s been about two years since Gigi and Bella Hadid appeared together in a fashion ad campaign of this magnitude. The last time was early 2020, during Burberry’s campaign. Before, when they first joined the fashion village, they participated in many campaigns together.

There are Moschino, Balmain, Victoria’s Secret… But since Gigi Hadid became pregnant, the two sisters have been somewhat separated, when the work schedule is no longer too close. Perhaps, only the Versace brand and creative director Donatella are “powerful” enough to make the Hadid sisters gather.

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