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Street fashion from a gender-neutral perspective in marc jacobs’ monogram collection

Street fashion from a gender-neutral perspective in marc jacobs' monogram collection

Debuting for the first time in the Fall-Winter 2021 collection, Marc Jacobs continues to light up more brilliant and outstanding personalities with the Monogram Collection for Spring Summer 2022.

Street fashion from a gender-neutral perspective in marc jacobs’ monogram collection

With the brand new face of young rapper Lil Uzi Vert, known for his bold music and fashion sense, Marc Jacobs welcomes 2022 with eclectic taste while also dissecting street fashion. street from a unique gender non-dual perspective. The campaign is promoted by designer Marc Jacobs – who has directly appeared on the behind-the-scenes images of the Spring Summer 2022 collection – and implemented by stylist Alastair McKimm and photographer Mario Sorrenti.

The Spring Summer 2022 fashion season continues to explore the core values ​​and bold aesthetics of Marc Jacobs. The collection blurs the lines between men and women in fashion, while honoring the designer’s personal ego with a series of Marc Jacobs logos that are transformed to each letter and meticulously analyzed to visualize on each item.

Named “Monogram”, the collection does not hide the impression of a clear and consistent vision, connected with the success of Marc Jacobs’ return from Fall/Winter 2021.

On a simple eclectic palette, Marc Jacobs’ limitless creativity has the opportunity to manifest in all its forms. The collection reflects the true spirit of American street fashion with brand recognition like never before. All items are boldly rooted in the spirit of the original Marc Jacobs, with the brand name repeated forming a beautiful and impressive chain.

Spring Summer 2022 welcomes chic jacquard jackets, bucket hats, oversized hoodies or a range of soft cotton t-shirts and sweatpants. Fleece jackets, knit sweaters, and tube skirts also return with three main color schemes: Black-white, pink-brown and black-beige.

The range of accessories accompanying the collection is equally rich with the famous Jogger shoe, the famous The Tote Bag and the Balaclava masks inspired by the leading global skiing sport that are replacing towels. Hijab of Autumn-Winter. Platform shoes with impressive high soles are also back, helping Marc Jacobs conquer the increasingly exciting footwear race among major fashion houses.

Understandably, the stylist has turned “Marc Jacobs” into a new statement, with the image of him striding down the street carrying an oversized shopping bag with the “Marc Jacobs” logo on it. The item hidden inside represents a different vision, where all rigid standards of gender and dress codes have been erased by Monogram.

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