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Mango is getting closer and closer to sustainable fashion goals

Mango is getting closer and closer to sustainable fashion goals

Mango Fashion has been pushing for more comprehensive sustainability goals. Fashion collections with sustainable elements become the focus of development, while always maintaining creativity and fashion.

Mango is getting closer and closer to sustainable fashion goals

As a globally known fashion brand, Mango excites consumers and the fashion world as it increasingly shows great strides towards greening its products. Sustainable efforts in general and Mango’s in particular always require the commitment, consensus and perseverance of a large team. However, the updated talking numbers from the brand can make us more surprised to delighted.

Mango projects that by 2025, 100% of the brand-name polyester used will be recycled and all cellulose fibers controlled and traceable. In 2021, Mango’s commitment-branded sustainable apparel products accounted for 80% of the brand’s total apparel inventory. Also in 2021, Mango achieved 91% using sustainable cotton and 59% using controlled sourced cellulose fibres. In addition, 54% of the polyester used was recycled, hitting the original target four years ahead of schedule.

Mango sees sustainability as a journey the fashion industry must take to achieve a more equitable society and reduce its impact on the environment. The company has centered its sustainability strategy into three key concepts, which reflect the company’s values: commitment to the planet, commitment to the community, and commitment to the value chain.

The figures may not represent all the sustainable results that Mango has made efforts in recent years. When entering Mango stores around the world, it is easy to spot products with a commitment label. These Mango products have a lower environmental impact, accounting for 80% of the total finished product, much higher than the 45% figure in 2020.

The garment claims to be a product that contains at least 30% more sustainable fibers (such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, BCI cotton, recycled polyester, recycled wool or TENCEL…) and the product has been produce according to more sustainable production processes. Furthermore, like all Mango products, products with the commitment label are manufactured in factories that are inspected and monitored to comply with product safety regulations.

Mango’s goal is that all apparel products will have a commitment label by 2022.

In addition, the goal is to reduce the use of plastic. In late 2020 Mango launched a project to replace plastic bags in its packaging system with paper bags, becoming the first major Spanish clothing company to do so. This will allow Mango to stop using around 160 million plastic bags every year.

In its journey towards sustainability, Mango has entered into agreements with many agencies and companies worldwide. Not to mention: International Accord – International Agreement (known as the International Agreement on Health and Safety in the Textile Industry), Fashion Pact (a global alliance of companies in the fashion and textile industries) (ready-to-wear, sports, lifestyle and luxury goods) and the United Nations Climate Charter.

In 2021, Mango implemented a new water management strategy aimed at reducing consumption and increasing the efficiency of this resource. In addition, in the production chain of both clothing and footwear, best practices for chemical management in wet processes are also emphasized. This is not only aimed at consumers but also to protect workers and the environment.

The above strategy was quickly realized. The new Denim collection with 100% sustainability was born after Mango found a solution to its commitments to saving water and managing chemicals in the production process.

In addition, Mango has also signed up to the Canopy Style initiative, which is committed to protecting forests by responsible use of all cellulose materials in the production of clothing, paper and packaging. Through such alliances, Mango sets a goal of net zero emissions by 2050. In its quest to achieve net zero emissions, Mango has set new intermediate targets to move forward step by step. to the ultimate goal.

Denim has always been a beautiful “land” of fashion, where all the well-dressed believers come more or less, even staying for a long time. Denim with ageless beauty, unlimited personality, it has both youthfulness, liberality and enduring, classic look. However, the production of denim has encountered problems of bad impact on the environment. For each pair of jeans, denim shirt to be born, it takes a lot of water, dyeing chemicals to be released into the environment… This concern has been mentioned for many years and now positive signs of change are seen every day. more and more.

Denim is an outstanding product line that Mango always focuses on. Besides creating trendy denim and jeans models, reducing the negative impact on the environment is placed in parallel. In order to reduce Mango’s environmental impact, the new sustainable BTS Denim was born. 100% of the products in the collection have sustainable characteristics.

Versatile denim material appears in this collection for all genders, ages and different body shapes. Denim blue products are created by techniques such as tie-dye and EcoWash, which use specific software (EIM) to measure the environmental impact of the jeans washing and finishing process, both in terms of water consumption. and chemical products.

Responsible fashionistas will feel more in tune with Mango’s Sustainable Denim Collection. When the commitment to sustainability is incorporated into each product, we are more eager to try on the clothes, feel the difference in the materials.

Mango both created a more eco-friendly denim line, while being creative on every design. This collection shows the elegant features of denim. From basic designs such as shirts , jackets, dark and light denim colors are surprisingly mixed. Besides, yellow, pink or striped denim is also an interesting new “horizon”. A youthful and engaging continuation.

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