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Jennie appears fresh in calvin klein’s latest all together campaign

Jennie appears fresh in calvin klein's latest all together campaign

For Spring-Summer 2022, Calvin Klein rethinks the future, the community, and the world we live in. Calvin Klein introduces new generation of products through communities and collectives. Real people come together in real action together, on the streets, front lawns and open landscapes. A campaign focused on connection, united through Calvin Klein styles.

Jennie appears fresh in calvin klein’s latest all together campaign

Photographer Glen Luchford and director Melina Matsoukas captured an international cast of more than 120 people, including a wide range of familiar faces, emerging talent, individuals and groups. They are typical representatives of the community, working together to honor and express their individuality and identity.

Featured in the campaign, the Calvin Klein’s Spring ’22 collection reimagines the brand’s iconic past for the future, renewing heritage pieces with modern twists of proportions, cuts and colours. new. The result is a celebration of collective individuality – a universal product created for all, that anyone can wear and style in their own way.

Calvin Klein elevates essentials with improved details, colors, proportions and materials to set a new standard for everyday wear. Underwear products are created from super soft cotton material of sustainable origin. From a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to design, products are tailored to fit all bodies and genders. The hoodies and t -shirts are designed simply, but still bring out the youthful and modern personality for the wearer.

The Calvin Klein brand heritage built into the present day is both retro, and blends timeless new twists, evoking ’90s American and New York classics with stylish designs. , contemporary proportions and colors.

Handmade from recycled cotton, Calvin Klein lingerie features a new framed logo design inspired by previous lingerie logos. A modern and youthful feature with a classic direction.

In denim , in a signature ’90s Straight silhouette, a snug yet comfortable fit is the hallmark of Calvin Klein’s heritage. Warped Stretch Denim is handcrafted with 13oz cotton blends with improved stretch technology for a classic tough denim look that’s comfortable in all activities.

Inspired by nature, Calvin Klein’s designs this time use new neutral colors , creating a palette of diverse natural shades close to people. With recycled denim, Calvin Klein aspires to create sustainable, eco-friendly products that focus on connecting with people and nature more closely.

The new Flex Naturals and Form to Body Naturals, Sheer Marquisette lingerie lines are made from lightweight, sustainably sourced recycled materials that conform to your body shape. As for clothing, comfortable, well-fitted fleece coats, fleece jackets and coats come in oversize silhouettes and a range of natural tones. Made from Refibra, a super soft cotton and tencel blend, it feels relaxed, comfortable and natural.

Calvin Klein elevates everyday wardrobe favorites into timeless signature products. The collection focuses on the most luxurious materials including a 400g French cotton hoodie and a thick cotton t-shirt with the iconic Calvin Klein logo. The classic shirt is updated with a new cut, making you more comfortable, elegant and elegant. Still with the classic denim, the products are improved with new designs, colors and color washes to create a more distinct style.

With the constant change in design and product quality, Calvin Klein always knows how to refresh the iconic logo image of the brand, creating unlimited appeal to express each individual’s unique personality. special individuals this spring-summer season.

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