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Prada triangle fever – when the fashion world returns to geometry class with the triangle it-bag

Prada triangle fever – when the fashion world returns to geometry class with the triangle it-bag

If you are an active follower on Instagram, these past few days, you must have been “obsessed” with the hashtag #PradaTriangle flooding the personal pages of famous celebrities and fashionistas. Contrary to before when the Prada logo was just a small and not very eye-catching pin, now it has boldly “evolved” into a trendy bag of the Italian fashion house.

Prada triangle fever – when the fashion world returns to geometry class with the triangle it-bag

With a unique appearance and modern design, Prada Triangle not only “storms” in the fashion world but also is enthusiastically promoted by many K-pop stars such as Seohyun, Dara, Chung Ha, TWICE Sana, Jang Wonyoung, etc. As part of the Menswear Spring-Summer 2022 collection, the Prada Triangle reflects the fashion spirit and the collaboration between the two creative minds of Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada.

As the name suggests, this triangular accessory represents the two designers’ predictions about the not-so-distant future, with geometric bags that will strongly stir up the fashion industry. And of course, even if they’re part of the menswear collection, it’s still a stylish bag for everyone and every personality.

This new generation IT-Bag carries even more symbolic value because they are made of the famous Italian fashion house Saffiano leather. Inside is a Re-Nylon lining improved from regenerated Nylon fabric, which Miuccia Prada says is more attractive than any high-fashion fabric.

Besides the distinctive shape, numerous triangles are also found on the bag such as the embossed logo on the front or the sleek metal strap clasp. The strap is large and bold, and the bold letters on it help “extra” the personality many times over.

In addition to the 7 basic colors of black, white, yellow, orange, blue, dark green and light green, Prada also added special versions of the bag such as stripes and sequins. With a medium size and an extra pocket on the strap, the Triangle Prada Bag is just enough for basic items like phones, wallets, makeup, etc. If you want more practicality, a large canvas bag canvas that the fashion house launches will please you.

Leading the logomania trend , it’s not surprising that Prada Triangle easily caught the eye of Gen Z followers . They are predicted to be “on top” on this year’s ranking of bags that explode on social media. This “moving block” is being flexibly transformed into mixes ranging from dynamic, street to luxurious momentum.

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