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Hunting nigo’s limited designs in the third capsule collection from the kenzo spring summer 2022 collection from this april

Hunting nigo's limited designs in the third capsule collection from the kenzo spring summer 2022 collection from this april

Under the leadership of Art Director Nigo, the Kenzo brand launches designs in the 3rd limited capsule collection from the Spring Summer 2022 collection.

Hunting nigo’s limited designs in the third capsule collection from the kenzo spring summer 2022 collection from this april

These designs will be sold at select Kenzo stores around the world in April 2022, promising to bring the most complete wardrobe under the direction of Nigo for the Kenzo brand since taking the role of Director. Art Director in September 2021. This release follows Nigo’s debut in January 2022 with a new role at the fashion house, accompanied by a capsule collection that will be released in the near future.

The collection revolves around Japanese-style denim. This has always been one of the main elements that make up Nigo’s signature designs. This material is reflected throughout the designs, combined with Kenzo motifs and Japanese quince flowers created by the Art Director to mark this release.

Denim material defines the collection with 8 designs for women and 7 designs for men, bringing the spirit of non-binary throughout. The back of the denim jacket features a logo and large quince flower. This image is also featured on the jacket pocket, along with other designs such as denim pants and knee-length skirts.

Embossed pockets on shirt jackets are also present on oversized T-shirts and loose-fitting T-shirts in a subtle way. Throughout this collection are the typical shades of denim, mixed with gray and white tones.

Just like how their predecessors invigorated the Kenzo brand, the Spring Summer 2022 capsule collections carry with them the original philosophy of Nigo’s practices at the fashion house: a wardrobe for the future, tied to with wisdom from the past. In honor of founder Kenzo Takada, each release revolves around the idea of ​​elements in nature tied to the founder’s legacy.

Expanding on the form and function of these motifs, Nigo creates symbols for symbols and emotions, based on a Japanese perception of flora and fauna.

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