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Dynamic office breakthrough of workplace fashion from mango

Dynamic office breakthrough of workplace fashion from mango

In March of this year, MANGO specially launched a Dynamic Office collection for believers who are looking for novelty and flexibility for their daily fashion.

Dynamic office breakthrough of workplace fashion from mango

From colorful designs suitable for the office, to bold cut outfits for dates, weekend walks, Dynamic Office at MANGO will be the “key” to help you shine easily. light up and affirm your own personality no matter where you are.

The collection is inspired by the Satorial style with a unique combination of Kodak stripes and striking acid color palettes, giving the office lady a modern, youthful but no less sophisticated image. attentive and professional.

The long dress features patterned lines that follow the shape of the design for an elegant, visual effect that makes it easy to hide body flaws or accentuate curvy curves.

Acid tones will become a prominent trend of this spring-summer season, not only marking the “makeover” of the office look, but also providing the perfect outfit for parties with friends at the end of the day.

Designers have turned to a variety of colors to create outfits that are versatile, fresh and suitable for all occasions. From the office place to the evening walks; Cut-out dresses, evening coats and mini skirts will help you raise your “fashion game”.

Not stopping there, the contrasting attraction between neutral colors combined with hot colors will give the wearer absolute charm, or a feminine yet urban mix match outfit with a bomber jacket. This is a stylish plus in this changing season.

It is not difficult to realize that small and beautiful accessories will contribute to making the outfit look more stylish and fashionable. So don’t hesitate to invest in a trendy pair of sunglasses or a sparkling piece of jewelry to add some splendor to your everyday style.


Within the framework of Paris Fashion Week 2022, the Hermès fashion house entertains the audience with the Fall Winter 2022 collection with the image of a horse rider placed in the center to describe the woman of the famous French fashion house in the present time. Grand.

Through many generations of Creative Directors, Hermès has always maintained its position as one of the world’s most sought-after luxury fashion empires by fashionistas. With pride as a fashion house offering leather designs from the ground up in premium leather saddles and bridles, the brand’s fashion creations are timeless, sexy and powerful.

In the Fall-Winter 2022 collection just released at Paris Fashion Week 2022, Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski once again took the familiar image of a woman sitting on horseback, associated with the name of the fashion house all the time. The past 185 years, into the costume design. Here, the assistant of Hermès not only possesses a free and liberal soul, but also reveals a strong and independent inner world through sexy and luxurious outfits.

It is undeniable that the girls who ride horses always exude a sexy attitude. Moreover, the 2020s welcomes the rise of the “sexy effect” in fashion designs from famous fashion houses. For the current Creative Director of Hermès, the concept of sexy for her does not simply come from bold cuts

but also from the cut lines, the arrangement of layers and embellishments. details exalt the physical beauty of contemporary women. For example, most of the outfits in the collection are emphasized at the waist, sometimes accented with large belts, sometimes breaking with fancy leather saddle details.

Throughout the collection, designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski also promoted models of boots and long socks, sometimes combining two or three layers together, to help ladies’ legs look slimmer and longer. At the same time, the layers of socks made of knitted fabric, when combined with shoes made from leather, create a layering effect that is extremely flattering to the eyes, cherishing the footsteps of women everywhere.

Not stopping there, the main idea to complete the collection is also in the renovation of classic tailoring designs with realism. Tailored items are processed on a minimalistic color background and high-quality materials become more elegant and feminine than ever with ruffled details, leather borders, stripes… with exquisite ink.

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