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Designer jeremy scott brightens up the city of milan with the moschino fall winter 2022 collection imbued with romanticism

Designer jeremy scott brightens up the city of milan with the moschino fall winter 2022 collection imbued with romanticism

Incubated for months before officially presenting to the world at Milan Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Fall/Winter 2022 collection is reminiscent of the most lavish bedroom in the hit sci-fi movie. 2001: A Space Odyssey” directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Designer jeremy scott brightens up the city of milan with the moschino fall winter 2022 collection imbued with romanticism

From the moldings on the school, the Renaissance painting to the table, the clock in the luxury room became the inspiration for Jeremy Scott to show his fashion sense that is both realistic and equally sophisticated. playing in the Fall-Winter 2022 collection. Right from the moment the models began striding on the catwalk

each costume design took the shape of familiar furniture reminiscent of the “Be Our Guest” scene in the movie. Animated hit “Beauty and the Beast”. The spoons and forks arranged vividly on the dress replace the buttons, chandeliers make fancy earrings, or birdcages, vases make evening hats. All bring an interesting and extremely close look.

In addition, the knitted dress has the words “Gilt Without Guilt”, through which the current Creative Director of Moschino wishes to transform the colorful images of the ancient mansion into clothes, creating an effect. humorous sight. For example, a quilted coat inspired by the bed, an evening dress with a picture frame at the shoulder, etc. All are delicately treated with a regal golden Baroque pattern.


French luxury fashion brand Chloé has successfully developed the first social impact measurement tool. This step is expected to be widely applied in the future fashion industry.

The tool is designed to help fashion houses measure, evaluate and visualize their social impact. In fact, the fashion industry has many tools to measure environmental impact, but there is still no instrument to calculate social impact throughout the value chain.

Compagnie Financière Richemont (or Richemont), the company owned by Chloé, says the tool will be an open source method that can be used across the industry once research and testing is complete. Best of all, the tool aids brands in making decisions about supply strategy and product design.

The French fashion house’s project to develop a tool to measure social impact went into operation 18 months ago, demonstrating the brand’s manifesto and long-term commitment to upholding women, eradicating grievances. gender equality and promote inclusivity to create fashion products that have a positive impact on fashionistas.

It is known that this tool runs parallel to the Environmental Impact Report published by Chloé in July 2021 and will mobilize social audit activities, integrate risk analysis and identify positive impacts. latent poles throughout the value chain. Chloé also emphasized that a comprehensive social and environmental impact assessment will become a turning point in the development of a brand’s sustainability strategy.

The social impact measurement tool is the result of a collaboration between the fashion brand Chloé, the Institut Français de la Mode and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Forecasting and Sustainable Development). In addition, the tool’s measure is based on sustainability value creation reports published by the World Economic Forum and the International Business Council.

The tool is in an advanced stage of development, ensuring conditions for maintaining active social activities, with a scale of 6 indicators: gender equality, salary, diversity and inclusion, training, health and quality of work.

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