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Demna gvasalia recalls the intense charm of the hollywood red carpet with the balenciaga spring summer 2022 collection

Demna gvasalia recalls the intense charm of the hollywood red carpet with the balenciaga spring summer 2022 collection

If other fashion houses at Paris Fashion Week excited the whole fashion industry with their return to the traditional catwalk after 2 years of showing on the online platform, Balenciaga once again overwhelmed when turning the event This fashion has become a prestigious Hollywood red carpet to simultaneously launch the Spring Summer 2022 collection and premiere the new movie project “The Simpsons”.

Demna gvasalia recalls the intense charm of the hollywood red carpet with the balenciaga spring summer 2022 collection

With her resounding achievements in combining the values ​​of fashion with the influences of the era, Demna Gvasalia brings Balenciaga back to Paris in the bustling atmosphere of the familiar Hollywood red carpet. “ I wanted to do something interesting ,” says designer Demna Gvasalia. “ I wanted to work on an idea for a movie premiere, where the guest cast would be the main character for several seasons. It’s great that society has come together again. I hope this keeps everyone happy .”

Guests at the show were seated inside the Théâtre du Châtelet, watching a live stream of models wearing the latest designs from the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2022 collection on the red carpet. Accordingly, close-up images of each outfit, pointy boots, accessories and bags are clearly recorded by the cameras.

Few of the show’s guests knew they were attending a well-invested Demna Gvasalia fashion event and premiere until the episode “The Simpsons” and Balenciaga premiered. In the film, Marge and the townspeople of Springfield fly to Paris to model for the latest collection.

Regarding the sets in this Balenciaga Spring Summer 2022 collection, Demna Gvasalia still promotes the trend of neo-tailoring (modern tailoring) for both men’s and women’s clothing. By combining methodically between traditional tailoring techniques with contemporary streetwear trends, this path has also been directed by many great designers over the past time, including Kim Jones (Dior Men and Men). Fendi), Virgil Abloh (Louis Vuitton men’s fashion), Matthew Williams (Givenchy)… but Demna Gvasalia’s designs have a very unique color.

With women’s fashion sets, the dresses are applied the high-class Haute Couture tailoring technique inherited from the heritage of the Balenciaga fashion house, so each line is extremely sharp, both strong and feminine. Besides, the designs of oversized suits combined with famous pointed-toe boots, costumes made of high-quality knitted fabrics, dad jeans …

promise to continue to dominate fashion in the next few years. For men’s fashion, the innovative suit designs with loose silhouettes and genderless skirts combine perfectly with streetwear items such as bomber jackets, hoodies, flannel shirts, and more. parka and tracksuit.


Designer Matthew Williams has debuted the Spring Summer 2022 collection on the first traditional catwalk since taking the position of Creative Director at Givenchy fashion house. Still with the utility-style designs and Matthew’s usual monochrome color palette, the collection is also impressed by the sets with vibrant spring tones, soft shapes and extremely fine treatment of textures on costumes. eye-catching. This is how the American designer wants to convey his vision of the future at the Givenchy fashion house clearly to the fashion world.

Inside La Défense Arena, Matthew Williams designed the catwalk in the shape of a large ellipse. It is known that this idea comes from male rapper Young Thug. He is also responsible for the background music for Givenchy’s new collection launch show.

With the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Matthew Williams brings a new look to the classic clothing designs of the 40s with round shoulders and a tight waist in a more modern, personal direction. In addition, bloomers designs are accented with eye-catching ripples, large sequined tube dresses that catch sparkles, and sturdy bolero styles with ruched hemlines are also featured. Unique highlights of this collection.

” The items in the collection are really harmonious and well-organized ,” said Givenchy’s Creative Director. It can be seen that, unlike his previous collections at this fashion house, the Spring Summer 2022 collection is applied Haute Couture tailoring techniques, making each cut become softer and sharper than ever. This is also a sign that fashionistas are looking forward to Matthew’s debut Haute Couture collection at Givenchy in January.

One of the unique features of French fashion that cannot be confused with any other fashion week in the world is the artistry in fashion creations. And so is this Givenchy Spring Summer 2022 collection. Designer Matthew Williams has teamed up with American artist Josh Smith to bring colorful floral strokes from his abstract paintings from the “Emo Jungle” art exhibition into colorful clothing designs.

Givenchy’s traditional dark. These include knitted tops, ripped leggings, and items with ghostly Halloween motifs like monstrous clowns or pumpkins. “ Josh has a taste that is far from mine, colorful and bright. This is an exciting opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and explore new things ,” says Matthew.

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