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Gucci cosmogonie alessandro michele’s spiritual system

Gucci cosmogonie alessandro michele's spiritual system

What if we interpret a person’s style like a map? When choosing the name Cosmogonie (a study of the origin of the universe, especially the solar system), Gucci foreshadowed a collection inspired by the galaxy, but not science and physics. study, the Italian fashion house interprets its discoveries in fashion.

Gucci cosmogonie alessandro michele’s spiritual system

Instead of seeing this as a regular show, devotees can try to enjoy it as a “rite” of ancient art and astronomy. Because fashion is more than clothes, it is also the language of life, a talented storyteller or a giant choir full of echoes of dreams and imagination. But indeed this time, it is hard to think that Gucci simply set the stage “for beauty” when setting the time on the night of the full moon, on a deserted hill and 101 models “parading” in a circle. around a fortress lit by stars and galaxies.

Castel del Monte – an ancient castle on a hill in Andria, Puglia, Italy became the “mecca” of fashion “sheep”. This is a majestic fortress built in the 13th century by emperor Frederick II. He was a famous poet, mathematician and magician. Seen from above, Castel del Monte resembles an octagonal crown, it has been used as a place to observe special astronomical phenomena for many centuries. For Creative Director Alessandro Michele – an enthusiast of history, folklore and, of course, miracles, this place has all the “times and places of interest”.

The idea of ​​the universe and the constellations arose after Alessandro Michele read the arguments of two German philosophers Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin. “Every single thing can find a connection with each other and express a certain message like constellations. They can in turn expand the connection further to form a network that lights up the night sky,” – designer Alessandro notes about the show.

The medieval aesthetic dominates the majority of the designs this time around. Cloaks , trailing , high-collar boots like gladiator boots, pearls , velvet fabric and luxurious color pairs can all together recreate a scene from nearly 1,000 years ago in the castle. Gucci makes that old style more seductive with see-through fabrics , cutouts, etc. Models on the catwalk were also given “power” with past honors headbands and a series of pages. strength Mystic Chic .

A starry night in the sky and in the Gucci collection. Sparkling sequins , crystals and colored stones are strewn across the designs in an intentional and even random shape. The image of 12 constellations representing the 12 zodiac signs is also shown around the castle, making it more shimmering than the stone catwalk. Some dresses have a slight flare that Alessandro Michele likened to the tail of a comet.

In a hurry to “panic” before this overflowing mysterious energy because Gucci also sent clowns to the catwalk to add to the atmosphere. The pleated collar, rhombuses, wavy patterns, and more, along with a signature pop of color palette are signs of Clowncore Aesthetic that will rock the trend next season.

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