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Jolie madame the most mysterious muse in the fashion world by pierre balmain

Jolie madame the most mysterious muse in the fashion world by pierre balmain

People know her scent, know her taste and guess even her favorite hobbies, remember forever how she awakened the desire to represent French women, but no one has actually seen Pierre’s Jolie Madame Balmain.

Jolie madame the most mysterious muse in the fashion world by pierre balmain

Most people who do art have for themselves a muse , it can be a star, a beauty, an ordinary girl or even a “she”. Their charisma, style, thinking and aesthetics suggest to designers their ideas and closest expression to their dream image. But Pierre Balmain is different, he challenges himself more by creating a “creative inspiration”, which is the luxurious and sexy Jolie Madame.

As with all memorable encounters, Jolie Madame makes her first appearance at a very specific time. Paris in the 50s, when the city had just woken up after the second world war, the smell of gunpowder still wafted everywhere and the former splendor was only concentrated in the mysterious lights on the street.

Starting from Balmain’s studio at 44 rue François 1st, Jolie Madame awakens passions here with her passionate charm. A combination of cloves, oranges and countless other ingredients, Jolie Madame’s scents are full of femininity, elegance, but also spooky. The fragrance that bears her name spreads and is described as “the magic of the Parisian night”.

The intoxicating fragrance of women in Paris further stimulates curiosity about the silhouette of Jolie Madame. Balmain made her appear with Jolie Madame Collection Autumn-Winter 1952. Jolie appeared with a delicate and lovely figure. Pierre has sculpted his muse silhouette with sensual knots.

He erected dresses that clearly depict each woman’s curves through which one can imagine Jolie’s perfect and well-proportioned figure. The unexpected lowers, waist lifts, and twists prove she’s a challenger. And she is also fastidious and meticulous to every detail.

Because Jolie Madame designs all require sharp but not too strong cuts, hand-embroidered detailsbreathtaking feat and of course it all starts with rare silk and lace materials. The emphasis on the shoulders, cupping the chest, tightening the waist has set a new rule of femininity in fashion.

So what hobbies does Jolie have? Certainly elegant things like the “tea” cup dress from the collection, classic operas with shoulder gowns, long gloves or adding a bit of “drama” to life with musicals filled with tiered ballgown skirts, graceful fishtail skirts . Sometimes, she also indulges in the music at a certain bar, secretly glancing behind the veil and enjoying “cocktails” for example?

Anyone can be Jolie. Jolie was a longing to escape melancholy and gloom, a courageous spirit who dared to dress in designs that went against the vast majority of the time. She returned the neglected “femininity” to the woman. Wherever it is, Jolie’s presence heralds a return to a flashy age. When the girls have been given the right to be neat, frivolous and above all, completely give up the austere appearance of World War II.

Jolie Madame is also an “idol of idols” when legendary stars such as Audrey Hepburn , Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, … all come to Pierre Balmain to give their faith in movie costumes. or create your own stage.

From 1993 to 2002, Oscar de la Renta took over Balmain’s artistic vision and remained faithful to the very best of Jolie Madame’s style. By the time of Christophe Decarnin and Olivier Rousteing, Jolie Madame by Balmain became the sexiest woman possible, tougher with military inspiration, more modern with sporty energy but still exuding a “rich” look.

elegance and sophistication in materials as well as techniques. Although the fashion world has never seen the real Jolie Madame in real life, that image has remained elegantly according to Balmain’s designs and elevated the status of women as it was once called “new French Style” “.

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