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How to choose sunglasses to make your face more perfect

How to choose sunglasses to make your face more perfect

First, you must determine what type of face your face is. The easiest tip to find the right glasses is to choose models that have the opposite shape to your face.

How to choose sunglasses to make your face more perfect

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but they are also the ultimate fashion accessory. Regardless of size, color or shape, the presence of eyeglasses in the mix will bring a sense of rebellion, originality and sharpness. In the 30s, when cars at that time still did not have glass doors, upper-class women wore sunglasses as an alternative.

Not many people believe that ladies and gentlemen can drive themselves, but they even sit behind the wheel with the most fashionable appearance. They gradually know how to coordinate sunglasses with clothes to make it a symbol of luxury and independence.

There is no doubt about the importance of a pair of sunglasses in the summer . However, do you know how to choose lenses and frame styles to perfectly balance the contours of your face? ELLE has put together a series of tips below!

For those who have a slightly round, full face, choose glasses with a square or rectangular version to create an angle, giving a slimmer effect to the face. You should avoid round glasses, gourds as well as designs that are too big or too small. That will inadvertently make your face more round and unremarkable.

For an elongated face shape, choosing the right sunglasses is not too difficult. Try glasses with oval, rectangular or cat-eye shapes to help your face look more harmonious. Square glasses are an option to avoid because it will make your face elongated and out of balance.

In contrast to those who have a slim, long face, those with an angular face should choose for themselves round, oval glasses to create softer, slimmer lines for the face. You definitely should not choose square and rectangular glasses because they will make the face more rigid.

For the face shape that is considered to be quite perfect, you can freely choose from a variety of glasses models from round, oval to square, rectangular. In addition, you can try your hand at unique glasses shapes than pentagons, hexagons or aviators. However, still should not choose glasses that are too big or too small, leading to face imbalance.

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