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Grammy 2022 olivia rodrigo, silk sonic win, justin bieber, bts leave empty-handed

Grammy 2022 olivia rodrigo, silk sonic win, justin bieber, bts leave empty-handed

The 64th Grammy Awards officially ended with unexpected results and many surprises. Silk Sonic wins. Justin Bieber, BTS, Billie Eilish are empty-handed. Olivia Rodrigo took home the first series of Grammy Awards in her career. We Are By Jon Batiste Wins Album Of The Year…

Grammy 2022 olivia rodrigo, silk sonic win, justin bieber, bts leave empty-handed

Today, April 4 (Vietnam time), the 64th Grammy Awards ceremony, broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, brought an explosive atmosphere to music lovers around the world. . Grammy 2022 has expanded to 10 nominations in 4 main categories to make room for more artists and more genres.

Olivia Rodrigo brought home the first Grammy award in her career with the song Drivers License. The 19-year-old girl is also one of the artists who received the most nominations this year, especially 4/4 nominations in the Big Four categories (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist). Additionally, Silk Sonic’s Leave The Door Open won the Song of The Year award . This is also one of the “addictive” tunes globally in recent times.


As one of the top series successfully exploited by Netflix, the movie Inventing Anna arouses curiosity about the world of the super-rich thanks to its entertainment and attractive fashion.

Movie Inventing Anna on Netflix is ​​built from the true story of the girl Anna Sorokin. She pretended to be the daughter of a tycoon to defraud hundreds of thousands of dollars from the elite. The entire scam is recounted in an article by Jessica Pressler published in the New York Times in 2018.

Although based on a true story, in the movie, not every detail is based on reality. Anyway, this is a biopic, not a documentary.

The series has nine episodes, at the beginning of each episode, there is a notice from the producer: “The work is a completely true story, except for the fictional parts” as a warning to the audience about her Anna.

Anna Sorokin, taking the pseudonym Anna Delvey, is a fashionista who has the ability to imitate voices, read people and lie like gods. Living with Russian parents who immigrated to Germany, Anna always wished for a richer life.

Arriving in New York, Anna made a plan to “start a business” by applying for funding tricks to set up an elite club called the Anna Delvey Foundation. Through relationships, she approached the necessary characters for the project. Each episode in Inventing Anna is a step in her scheming plan.

Despite being prosecuted for many crimes related to appropriating and defrauding money, Anna Sorokin was only convicted of eight crimes in 2019. In which, the heaviest crime was appropriating more than 200,000 USD in credit, consumption, and translation. service

One of the fake and real elements of the movie is the character’s wardrobe. The truth is that the film conveys how Anna goes on a scam and conquers the elite thanks to her luxurious, brand-covered appearance.

In the movie, the character Anna likes to wear a romantic, flowing chiffon dress. She has a luxurious silk hooded scarf that matches the outfit. Accompanying Anna are classy accessories such as Céline glasses, Oscar de la Renta earrings, Hermès Birkin bag or Dior Book Tote bag embroidered with her own name.

Two costume designers Lyn Paolo and Laura Frecon also faithfully recreated an outfit that Anna Sorokin wore to court. It was a jet black Michael Kors dress. “She refuses to go to court if she doesn’t have nice clothes to wear. It’s crazy isn’t it? But I also have to admire the persistence of this girl, “said Lyn Paolo.

What about unreal details? It is the detailed wardrobe of the character Anna. The reason Anna Sorokin’s outfit in the movie Inventing Anna is not 100% the same as in real life, is because the character’s wardrobe has been set up to add drama.

There is a clear transition between a poor Anna Sorokin and a luxurious Anna Delvey. “I don’t think she [has the money] to always dress well in real life,” says designer Laura Frecon.

Besides, Anna’s scheming personality is also revealed through the outfit she chooses. There is a saying, “Walking with a buddhist wearing a kashāya, walking with a ghost wearing a paper robe”. When Anna goes to lunch with the New York ladies, her outfit always includes the hottest brands. If you go to a meeting, take care of your suit. When going on vacation on a yacht, it is luxurious, quotes Lyn Paolo.

Although not a 100% real costume, the wardrobe is still built on what the two designers know about this character in real life. Through Anna Sorokin and friends’ Instagram posts, as well as interviews, the duo designed a wardrobe of 3,000 outfits for the movie character!

This character’s wardrobe took 3 months to make. If possible, the two designers would buy identical versions from luxury second hand websites. If they can’t find the product, they will sew the outfit closer to reality.

Combining a conventional documentary with elements of fantasy, Inventing Anna offers a perspective on the lifestyle young people want to enjoy, dazzled by material illusions.

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