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Jennifer lopez’s fashion style after 20 years timeless sexy icon

Jennifer lopez's fashion style after 20 years timeless sexy icon

Famous for her free and sexy fashion style, Jennifer Lopez still holds the upper hand in the most stylish beauties of all time in the entertainment world. After more than two decades, the unique fashion personality of the vocalist “On The Floor” has become the clearest demonstration of the fashion concept that stands the test of time.

Jennifer lopez’s fashion style after 20 years timeless sexy icon

No matter when searching for any keywords related to Jennifer Lopez’s fashion style, it is impossible not to mention Versace’s tropical patterned dress design with delicate cuts, green at the awards ceremony. Grammy 2000. At that time, while preparing the costumes, the stylist of the American singer at that time did not want her to wear a dress that was worn by actress Geri Halliwell at the previous red carpet.

And this bold design dress became the ideal item to shine on awards night and helped J.Lo take a step towards the most prominent fashion icon in the world famous newspaper. after only 1 night. More than a decade before the term “internet storm” appeared, Jennifer Lopez not only did that but also revolutionized the search volume.

Of course, any cult star has a professional image creation team. Jennifer Lopez is not an exception, it is not easy to orient her fashion style. In fact, the beauty born in 1969 has two stylists in charge of choosing clothes and building her personal style, including Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn. They have been side by side with the female singer in world tours and events big and small since 2010 until now.

In general, Jennifer Lopez’s fashion style has not changed much in the past 10 years. If she could encapsulate her aesthetic in 3 words, it would be sexy, iconic and eternal. During many years of artistic activities, fans can easily see that J.Lo is especially fond of dress designs with bold cut-out designs, dresses made of see-through silk and beaded. fussily. In particular, most of the sets that she wears show the most beautiful curves on the body.

After all these years, even though she has reached the age of fifty, J.Lo still maintains a salty figure that many women desire. Thanks to the advantage of possessing a seductive hourglass body, the American singer is always the center of attraction for the media and the public in every appearance.

It can be seen that the journey to conquer the fashion icon of the beauty born in 1969 does not allow her to stop at grasping the latest trends promoted by fashion houses or the fashions that are “storming” on different platforms. social networking platform, but must always aim at the aesthetic element of fashion as well as its own inherent identity. Thanks to that, any set of clothes worn by J.Lo no matter what era is still not outdated. That alone is enough to make Jennifer Lopez own the event space, above all,

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