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Brooklyn Beckham’s career

Brooklyn Beckham's career

Not all children of successful people will have brilliant careers. Living under the aura and protection of parents is not easy. The public has been waiting a lot for Brooklyn Beckham, but aside from being a model, social media star, and top player, the warm boy doesn’t seem to have had a chance to prove his talent yet.

Brooklyn Beckham’s career

He started out as a teenager by making coffee in a small shop. Making cappucino and latte brings him £2.68 an hour.

Joining Arsenal’s youth team in 2015, he was soon eliminated.

Wanting to become a photographer , he attended the prestigious design school Parsons School of Design in New York, then dropped out after a short time. Then he was asked to shoot for Burberry’s Brit perfume campaign , which was deemed beyond his reach. When he released his What I See in 2017 picture book , it didn’t sell because it was heavily criticized.

Brooklyn seems to be more successful at modeling. In 2021, he signed a contract worth one million pounds with high-end fashion brand Superdry.

Now, he is experimenting with a new position: culinary artist. But in one of his videos, people were shocked to see him spend up to 100,000 USD (about 2.35 billion VND) to make a video of him making sandwiches!

Being a celebrity’s child is hard. Fans are still looking forward to seeing Brooklyn Beckham shine in a creative field, such as acting and music. Nothing, his mother was also a member of the hit band Spice Girls in the past, and his wife also made a name for herself by acting in Transformers and other popular TV series.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding took place at the Peltz family’s $103 million mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. The land to build the mansion has a total area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters. The wedding ceremony took place under a giant bamboo roof on the mansion’s private beach. Wreaths hanging everywhere create a romantic atmosphere.

The party attendees were all famous stars, family friends and the two of them. Not too many guests. Everyone received a small pocket to store their cell phones when they entered the party. So the images released to the public are only those of some paparazzi captured from a distance.

Official photo of the event taken by Vogue photographer. Interestingly, these bags have electronic locks. When people enter the area where cell phones are not allowed, the bag is locked. When you reach the area where you can use your phone, the bag automatically opens.

Nicola’s wedding dress made by Valentino. It is the result of a year of communication between the team of Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino. They flew back and forth between Rome and the US many times to make the shirt. In the last days before the wedding, Valentino’s artisans had to directly fly to Miami to try and edit the wedding dress to fit the bride.

The wedding dress is simple, without elaborate embroidery, so it becomes more luxurious and magnificent. More interestingly, Valentino also used blue thread to sew into the wedding dress a message from former model Claudia Heffner Peltz to her daughter.

Hair artist Adir Abergel dyed Nicola Peltz’s hair a little lighter. He wanted to make his hair shiny, soft and smooth. Meanwhile, Chanel artist Kate Lee is in charge of the bride’s makeup. Nicola was already very pretty, so Kate kept her natural look. She just added a few modern details to make her face sharper under the veil.

Brooklyn Beckham wears a Christian Dior suit. He is known for his passion for collecting embroidered pieces with fashion labels. Knowing her husband’s taste, Nicola sewed a custom-made applique into this outfit for Brooklyn. On the groom’s lapel was a diamond necklace, a gift from his wife’s parents. Emerald-cut diamonds.

Billionaire Nelson Peltz personally walked his daughter along the stage while the string orchestra played Songbird . The groom is waiting for the bride with his eyes shining with happiness. There are seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen. Among the bridesmaids is Harper Beckham, the groom’s 10-year-old youngest sister.

After the wedding ceremony, everyone enjoyed a cocktail party decorated with white cherry blossoms. The dinner party took place in a tent on the beach, decorated with roses, peony, ranunculus and hydrangeas. Cozy atmosphere in the melodious music played by the live band on stage.

David Beckham speaks at the party. The world still remembers David and Victoria Beckham’s wedding in July 1999. It’s been 23 years, and the two of them are now witnessing their son’s wedding. David Beckham choked up talking about the day Brooklyn was born, about fatherhood, about the feeling of wanting to protect and protect his children. And he welcomed the new bride on behalf of the extended family, Nicola Peltz. The atmosphere of the party was very emotional.

After David, the groom’s two younger brothers also spoke and congratulated them.

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