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Fendi fall and winter 2022 collection finding timeless charm from fendi archival designs under karl lagerfeld

Fendi fall and winter 2022 collection finding timeless charm from fendi archival designs under karl lagerfeld

Opening the 2022 Milan Fashion Week, Art Director Kim Jones continues to captivate fashionistas with a spectacular “landing” of designs that are both stylish, feminine, strong and luxurious. from the new Fendi Fall Winter 2022 collection.

Fendi fall and winter 2022 collection finding timeless charm from fendi archival designs under karl lagerfeld

It is undeniable that Kim Jones is one of the rare talents in modern fashion, who revives the seemingly forgotten legacy of a great fashion house for decades. People often talk about the “branded” logo designs or details of the brand, but few remember the basic designs that have contributed to the name of that fashion house in particular and the old fashion shape.

dictionary in general. Until now, Kim Jones has succeeded in infusing his vision ahead of his time into old values. From there, these values ​​continue a new cycle in the fashion industry, instead of wasting away burying the legacy left by previous designers.

In the launch season of this Fall-Winter 2022 collection, the British designer did not disappoint fans with Fendi’s historical understanding as well as how to integrate a personal aesthetic into the available storage designs. Accompanied by jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez and Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi, Fendi’s current Artistic Director of Womenswear and Haute Couture has brought 51 timeless, luxurious and feminine outfits. female to the maximum.

The main inspiration for Kim Jones to create the Fendi Fall Winter 2022 Collection comes from the two classic collections of the predecessor Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, the Spring Summer 1986 Collection and the Fall Winter 2000 Collection. “ The perfect place to explore the archives.

Fendi’s is through the brand’s wardrobe, “confided Kim Jones. ” And these are the collections that have been introduced for a long time but are still very modern “. In order to bring a new breeze into his collection, the designer born in 1979 has modified the patterns and shapes of the clothes to better match the current trend.

The show opened with sheer sheer fabric and see-through chiffon designs, dotted with fluid rippling details for an eye-catching visual effect. The smooth combination of bright colors and warm earth tones on fashion items becomes the signature of Kim Jones at the Italian fashion house.

This combination formula quickly won the hearts of women over time. Besides sheer and chiffon, the women of Fendi are inseparable from the power tailoring designs. The models of blazers, corset shirts, pencil skirts… are taken care of very carefully. Every line to the details on the outfit is also calculated so meticulously that it is impossible to notice any excess or lack of points.

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