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The new design from the adidas bra revolution collection helps women conquer all exercises

The new design from the adidas bra revolution collection helps women conquer all exercises

Have you ever been practicing your favorite sport when you felt pain and discomfort in the chest area? The first round of every woman is not the same, when playing sports with different levels of activity, the more specialized levels of support are needed during exercise.

The new design from the adidas bra revolution collection helps women conquer all exercises

Bra Revolution is the most dedicated women’s sports bra collection ever invested by adidas. With 43 styles and 72 sizes, the collection is “personalized” to provide maximum support for every woman’s different bust sizes and movement levels.

Running is a sport almost everyone loves and chooses to practice every day in the world. However, few people know that without special support, the pressure on a woman’s chest during jogging will be equivalent to the speed of a car increasing from 0 to 6mph/s, twice the speed of a woman’s body. F1 racing car level.

“Running bras are the hardest sports bra to choose, because the particular level of activity when running affects a woman’s breasts so much. LUXE FAST IMPACT supports high-intensity running, which surprised me at first experience!”, Fitness coach Hana Giang Anh excitedly shared.

The LUXE FAST IMPACT bra is designed with a sporty fit to help distribute weight evenly while running. With straps detailing, 360-degree adjustable straps, removable foam padding to fit all busts, soft and breathable adiform fabric and superior sweat-wicking AEROREADY technology, bra model This special support for female runners is always comfortable and safe.

According to research, without proper support, a woman’s breasts can move up to 19cm during vigorous exercise. Therefore, when practicing sports such as gym, boxing, cycling, etc., it is also necessary to have specialized training bras suitable for the first round to be safe and comfortable.

“The LUXE IMPACT TLRD high-intensity support training bra model looks very feminine, but actually provides intensive support for the chest when performing vigorous movements. Too suitable to practice my favorite boxing!”, Kha Ngan shared

Women’s chest discomfort during exercise is due to the speed of the chest movement, not because of how much or how little, heavy or light exercise. Therefore, even when practicing seemingly gentle subjects such as yoga, pilates … also need proper chest support.

The image of women in sports today is much different from before, becoming more brilliant and confident. Always following closely to support and accompany women on that path, along with the promise of reducing emissions to the environment, Bra Revolution collection with high-quality recycled materials is a plan in a series of practical actions. by adidas. These sophisticated, understanding sports bras will become “super assistants” to support any workout, giving women the freedom to do whatever they love.

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