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5 fashion bullet points to help singer dua lipa easily conquer y2k style

5 fashion bullet points to help singer dua lipa easily conquer y2k style

Discover fashion items with ELLE that help British singer Dua Lipa easily dress up in Y2K style, which is “inverting” the fashion village.

5 fashion bullet points to help singer dua lipa easily conquer y2k style

Not only possessing a powerful bass voice with music products “dominating” world music charts, Dua Lipa is also known as one of the ideal fashion models, a trend-setter. genuine (trendsetter) of the new generation. Thanks to her stylish and unique fashion sense, she always makes a lot of fans crazy with her attractive outfits from everyday life to the stage.

In particular, the singer born in 1995 is extremely fond of the nostalgic Y2K fashion style with colorful and eye-catching designs that are constantly “storming” the fashion community and fashion village. Possessing a slim body with standard measurements and a shaping orientation in a mature and personality style, Dua Lipa is extremely fond of hot cut-out designs.

The eye-catching cuts are considered one of the ultimate fashion “weapons” to help the British singer show off her seductive body without creating an offensive feeling. Trendy cut -outs appear on almost all of her fashion items from tops, pants to dresses and even “burning eyes” bodysuits.

Not only appearing on sexy outfits, cut-out details are also applied by Dua Lipa to accompanying accessories such as gloves and high-knee boots to create unique and fancy combinations.

Besides the cut-out details, the matching outfits are also the defining feature of Dua Lipa’s fashion style. Many times, fans see her comfortably walking on the street or appearing on stage in trendy matching combinations. The sets chosen by her mostly carry the “breath” of fashion in the early 21st century with striking colors or studded with sparkling stones and sequins .

Synchronous clothing designs with unique and eye-catching textures are also fashion choices favored by 9x vocalists. She is even “crazy” for this style of dress to the point of wearing a “tree” of matching items from outerwear to tights and accompanying shoes.

When not appearing in a sexy mature image, fans caught a young and dynamic Dua Lipa in baggy pants as if borrowed from her father’s wardrobe. The long, loose-fitting pants with low waistband not only help her be flexible in daily activities, but also make the female singer’s outfit mix boldly imprinted with Y2K fashion style . The owner of the hit “New Rules” also favors denim to create a trendy, dynamic and dusty look.

In addition to denim material, the female singer is also very fond of sleek and stylish faux leather pants. If the jeans model gives Dua Lipa a strong and personal appearance, the design from leather with eye-catching colors or prints makes her mix more trendy and a bit nostalgic.

She also often chooses to combine the accompanying chunky sneakers to maximize the comfort of her outfit. As an avid follower of Y2K style, Dua Lipa’s wardrobe will not be without the “tiny” baby tees that caused a fever in the fashion community in the 2000s.

Perhaps the simple design. Simple, fun prints, and a tight fit that shows off the ant’s waist are the reasons why the singer loves this shirt. This is also a design that is often favored by her to wear on the street because of its flexibility, easy coordination with a variety of different fashion items.

Not only on the street, Dua Lipa also let this design accompany her in an advertisement in cooperation with Truly Hard Seltzer brand. In a tight pink cropped tee shirt with letters printed on the chest, the 9x beauty’s appearance becomes extremely mischievous but equally attractive.

As a follower of Y2K fashion, colorful jewelry accessories with eye-catching designs are always items that are actively represented by Dua Lipa. From colorful hairpins, plastic bead necklaces to colorful clay rings, all simultaneously featured in the female artist’s fashion mixes, creating a playful and nostalgic look of the 1960s.

In addition, 90s-style sunglasses with unique shapes and transparent materials were also “strongly” invested by her for fashion mixes bearing the imprint of the early 2000s.

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