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Diablo IV – Will the trust of gamers after many years be rewarded?

Diablo IV – Will the trust of gamers after many years be rewarded?

Diablo IV has just been revealed by Blizzard gameplay with many improvements, but is that enough to repay the faith after years of waiting?

Diablo IV – Will the trust of gamers after many years be rewarded?

Along with the launch of Diablo Immotal on mobile, Blizzard also recently revealed more about the progress of Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV to reassure fans. Through a 9″ long video clip, the gameplay of Diablo IV is easily exposed to the community, but along with countless criticisms in recent times, is the game really worth the effort to meet the expectations of gamers later? almost 10 years of absence or not?

Although still in development (Pre Alpha), at least Diablo IV still offers a visual perspective on art style, character creation and UI through gameplay. Especially, although the game’s graphics are still developing, the game has somewhat made gamers feel secure thanks to the application of a new engine with positive improvements in character animation and physical interaction of moves. For example, when the Druid uses a wind-type skill, the grass on the ground also interacts and swings in the wind, the ground shakes with the Barbarian’s move…

In general, Diablo IV will have a rather complex skill tree and require gamers to research more. Even the game will also turn into an online game at the same time and will not provide an offline mode like its predecessor. Basically, this is a predictable ability, but this is not good news for future modders.

Currently, the developer has not officially revealed the launch time, but it is certain that the game will be difficult to launch in the near future. Gamers can follow more details here:

Control is the next super product given by Epic Games for free

After the blockbuster action role-playing Prey, Epic Games continues to bring another epic action game. This time Control is the super product called and gamers can get the game for free through the Epic Games Store portal from today until 11pm on December 27, 2021.

For those who do not know, Control is an action role-playing game that possesses exquisite 3D graphics and exploits a new spiritual theme. Even thanks to the unique graphics and gameplay, the game not only opened up a bizarre world, but also achieved countless successes and brought home 5 Game Award nominations when it was released in 2019.

Set in a modern setting, gamers will play the role of Jesse, a beautiful pink shadow who accidentally owns a gun with supernatural powers that can change shape. History of the gun? And the true mysteries of spiritual events will gradually be revealed and revealed through the exploration gameplay with interesting superpowers such as moving objects, flying, teleporting… in the game. .

Basically, this is not the first time Epic Games has given away Control for free when this publisher once gave Control in July this year. However, for gamers who missed the opportunity to own the game last time, do not hesitate to come here to receive the game for free:

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