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Top 8 games with the theme of Universe and God in Fall 2020

Top 8 games with the theme of Universe and God in Fall 2020

In the past fall, it seems that the top games with the theme of universe and gods were exploited extremely diverse. Let’s take a look at the typical games!

Top 8 games with the theme of Universe and God in Fall 2020

First released in 2015, Seven Knights is a game developed into a full-length series. The game has excellent comic graphics with a very attractive and in-depth plot. In part 1, the game was built in the form of turn-based tactical RPG and achieved much success in the Korean market with more than 10 million downloads.

Players will be immersed in a world where gods and demons coexist. With the continuation stories from the first part told in the form of a very unique webtoon, part 2 of the Seven Knights series will be released at the earliest later this year.

God Punch: Idle Defense is a role-playing game with a story that goes back to the beginning. In God Punch, players will explore a vast universe with twinkling stars.

In the world of God Punch: Idle Defense , there exist two divine entities, ‘Abyss’ – representing chaos and ‘Gaia’ – representing order. To protect the Earth, Gaia created a tiny divine being called ‘Zero’ and gave him boundless power. Players will assume the role of Zero and begin the journey to protect the Earth and fight the Abyss.

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Players will take on the role of a young Spartan shepherd who is suddenly asked to pretend to be a prince of Thracian. From there, the player must recruit heroes and soldiers to expand the territory and build the country. In Gods’ Quest , players will meet legendary gods such as Zeus, Apollo, Ares…

The gameplay of Gods’ Quest: The Shifters relies on tactics to win. Therefore, players will have to use champion cards to deploy their own squad. The stronghold-building and hero-recruiting features are also quite well-developed.

The story in Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn tells about a world where gods from the Heavenly Yard exist. One day, the god Loux was murdered by Mara and the pieces of his soul shattered in the starry night sky.

After 200 years without the protection of the god Loux, the Human World fell into a great destruction when monsters spread everywhere. A grieving angel, he descended to signal a hero to search for Loux’s treasures.

Using turn-based tactical gameplay, Along with the Gods has beautifully drawn graphics and the characters’ dialogue gives a feeling of reading a comic book. The character lines are divided into 5 different factions and each character has its own unique characteristics to easily match the player’s strategy.

Abyss9 is a Hack and Slash role-playing game developed by BAOBABNET Co., ltd. The content of Abyss9 mobile revolves around the story of a pure soul damned to the depths of hell. That soul belonged to a holy woman. She fell to the land of the devil because of the sins that humanity has committed.

At that time, Lucifer, the ruler of hell, took her real name and wrote it in his book and sent her to the deepest depths of hell. Experiencing eternal life at the end of evil, she agonizes to learn that her fate will forever be imprisoned in the dark, until a hero with the same fate appears…

Released by publisher Perchang, the context of the game uses the plot and generals in Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar. Warriors from all over the Human World will come together to infiltrate the tower with ambitions of honor, revenge, and even favor from their Gods. Players will use their tactics to control their heroes through the chaos of the Silver Tower – home to the terrifying lord Gaunt Summoner.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn-based strategy game that brings an extremely new experience. Each warrior has their own set of skills and characteristics that make tactical deployment richer and more diverse. The game mechanism possesses more than 200 attack levels across 25 different terrains. Players can also grant favors to their favorite warriors to unlock new levels. The system of weapons, equipment, and treasures also supports the player’s squad to level up faster.

When it comes to the universe theme, Pixel Starships contains a whole miniature universe with huge and diverse space ships.

Players will have to build their own warship and recruit crew members. Each character in Pixel Starships has their own function, especially astronauts from planets other than Earth.

Throughout the journey to space travel, players will learn a lot of mysteries in space and discover new planets through Pixel Starships.

Tactical gameplay is based on the strength of the astronauts and the battle system of the mother ship is mainly. Therefore, as the player builds his ship from time to time, it should be noted that specific functions or equipment may be suitable for his own strategy.

Although there are no mythological stories or characters with magical powers, Human Evolution Clicker brings an extremely ultimate feeling when players are impersonated the Creator and breeder of creatures.

The game takes players back to the original era. When everything existed only in the form of molecules and microorganisms. With simple drag and drop, players can combine ingredients of life to create new creatures.

Human Evolution Clicker: Tap and Evolve Life Forms uses extremely eye-catching 2D graphics. The organisms that can be created are very rich and varied. A special feature of the game is that when the player creates humans (homo sapiens), their ability to evolve is unlimited. So new human races like cyborgs, cyborgs and more.

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