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Top 10 mobile games with gameplay identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Top 10 mobile games with gameplay identical to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ survival role-playing game is taking the world by storm, and based on this gameplay platform, many mobile game products have been inspired to develop. Here, we invite readers of 2Game to take a look at the Top 10 mobile games that have the same gameplay as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

Top 10 mobile games with gameplay identical to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

If you do not know, Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds (BSB) is a “made in Vietnam” product developed by the Horus Entertainment team over the past 1 year. This mobile game introduces players to an interesting way of fighting, shooting, and survival. Graphics built in sharp, vivid 3D is also an attractive point in the game. Free context, diverse weaponry, combined with survival shooting, players will play with players around the globe. Players will use all their tools and abilities to fight to the end, in order to survive to become the winner of the game.

Looz.io ‘s play content is also just about PKing each other, when every player will be able to freely attack other players. Attacking anyone you see is considered a must in Looz.io, as killing opponents will help the character increase level, which means more health or unlocking weapons. delicious gas.

And sometimes the battlefield in the game will appear colorful blocks, or healing blocks with characteristic crosses. Now try to collect them whether you need it or not because they will increase your experience and health during the game. Weapons are also randomly dropped throughout the battlefield, you can pick them up and use them later if you like.

The Last One Mobile does not have any specific mission, on the contrary, puts players in a remote jungle and lets them comfortably stick together until the last person. Now with all your survival skills you have to move, hide wisely in a large map area before threats from other players and the increasingly narrow biological circle where you are. It should also be added that this game offers flexible character mechanics and movements with more than 12 operations for players to freely apply in actual combat.

In addition to the ability to fight with bare hands, knives, and clubs, players can also pick up armor, first aid boxes and medium and heavy combat weapons scattered throughout the map, mostly. near the supply areas, houses. It is expected that in the official version of the game will allow players to drive other mobile vehicles such as motorcycles, umbrellas to canoes.

Your task in the game Crazy War is very simple, enter the battle, pick up weapons and defeat all the players until you become the last survivor. The essence of a Battle Royale game is still there, for example, you have to find weapons yourself, have to move reasonably to dodge the remaining opponent and find a way to defeat all enemies.

However, instead of small-scale clashes for survival and survival like PUBG, the battlefield experience in Crazy War will be much larger. And you are not limited to the circle of life and death, you will be free to do everything such as hiding or camping other players as long as it is effective. The terrain of the game also affects the gameplay, with areas like the desert with little hiding place, the means of transport will help you maneuver, and with the white snow covered area, you will be easily vulnerable. detect and eat more bullets.

The rules of Pixel Battleground are quite basic and seem familiar to the popular Battleground series today. Specifically, when participating in this mortal battlefield, the player has the task to find any useful weapons or equipment needed to fight and destroy the enemy only! And remember, only the last survivor wins the game.

Similar to PUBG, Pixel Battleground players will be dropped to random locations with a variety of hidden terrain. At this point you need to get used to it quickly and start smashing the wooden crates around you to find “goods”. They can hold a powerful gun but most of the time it’s just a non-stick pan…v…v…

In addition to the weapons, these crates also carry many more unique equipment to serve your PK work, which can be radar to determine the enemy’s position or super speed boots to apply pressure. Killing prey… These things, when picked up, are stored in the character’s body and can be activated quickly by the virtual key system. However, if you carry too many items on your body, the character will move quite slowly and be more difficult to manage.

Guns.io is an extremely unique survival shooter role-playing game. Different from the usual first-person or third-person shooter titles, the game uses a top-down perspective, allowing players to control the map easily and make the game controllable. smoother, more coherent. This also allows players to comfortably enjoy the atmosphere in Guns.io without worrying about dizziness or eyestrain if they stick with the game for many hours.

In the world of Guns.io , players will transform into a character of their choice and participate in dramatic network battles. The only task is to win and collect valuable rewards for yourself. With the money earned after each match, players can upgrade their equipment, or their character to gain a little advantage every time they enter the battle.

There are many types of weapons appearing in Guns.io, of which the most noticeable are Ak-47, Gatling Gun or different types of rifles and pistols. However, a unique point in Guns.io is that players can use skill points received each time they level up to upgrade attributes and create unique skills for their characters, such as shooting bullets. bouncing, splashing, or self-healing…v…v… pretty cool!

Basically the gameplay of Grand Battle Royale can be summed up with just the following actions: run, pick up weapons, shoot, die and repeat. The game will put players in a variety of different terrain, while you have to try to pick up equipment and weapons and attack others.

The weapons in the game are also quite diverse from basic Japanese swords, AK 47, M4A1, to super weapons such as bazooka guns… These weapons are randomly dropped on the battlefield to create. An exciting experience for those who randomly pick up good guns, but also come with the disadvantage of becoming a target to rob other players.

Like every other melee multiplayer game, the first thing you need to do is create a virtual character to represent yourself in the game. Because it is a mobile game, Gun Royale has quite simple graphics, mainly in the form of 8-bit Pixels, besides the environment is shaped from diverse blocks to create unique shapes and objects. However, this does not adversely affect the gameplay of Gun Royale and even has the effect of making players feel comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, the bright sound makes the game even more fun.

Bringing in a fairly classic shooting game when you have to find a way to destroy other players, along with collecting guns or equipment such as hats, bulletproof vests, and shoes. random on the map. Gun Royale is designed with a top-down view to help you cover the field of view and better identify enemies and reinforcements.

The first stage of this new game mode, of course, is still a skydiving screen to choose a very unique location and is not similar to any other game genre. Players will experience perfectly the same skydiving maneuvers as PUBG in Crossfire Mobile (CF Mobile), both in terms of the feeling of the wind, the feeling of height and the right time to deploy anyway so that the character can respond. right to the target position.

After choosing a “landing” location, your character will only own extremely basic equipment such as personal clothes and the only weapon is a fist, so the next thing you need The only thing to do is of course find a safe area where you can loot. Looting items in the early game is extremely important because it will affect your later process. The fact that you find good weapons, strong weapons or first aid boxes of course must always be carefully prepared to be ready for the battles that take place in front of you.

A special feature in CF Mobile that makes players feel extremely interesting is that you can freely switch the character interface to a first-person or third-person perspective as you like, helping to move, fight, The player’s aiming … becomes much smoother and contributes to making you more adaptable as well as speeding up your reaction to surrounding events significantly.

Basically, the mortal game mode in the mobile game Tap Size will provide players with a large map that supports up to 12 people to fight each other. Weapons will be randomly placed in buildings and players will start with different hands at random locations on the map before the monitoring circle shrinks.

And through the latest revealed images of this game mode in the Chinese version, it can be seen that the details of the scenery, characters, and equipment are completed quite well on the mobile platform by NSX. At the same time, the tacticalness in this game mode is also pushed up when providing players with bush terrain, high and low hills, or wall areas suitable for hiding, promising to create new battles. Sniper cover makes the enemy die without understanding why.

At the same time, this mode will still retain the character’s flexible movement mechanism like other traditional shooting modes. In return, the game will trigger more physical interactions when the player character carries more items such as weapons and armor. And next is the weapon accessory feature when allowing people to automatically attach to their main gun such as scopes, silencers, magazines for example.

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