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Deciphering blackpink’s e-girl beauty equation in pink venom

Deciphering blackpink's e-girl beauty equation in pink venom

After two years of absence in the music field, BlackPink had a landing and swept the music charts around the planet on August 19, 2022 with Pink Venom before the end of the summer season.

Deciphering blackpink’s e-girl beauty equation in pink venom

It seems that the “pink venom” that BlackPink “anesthetizes” in the Pink Venom MV only comes from futuristic electronic fashion, 4 black roses from YG still automatically cause “the perfect crime” when defeating people. fans with the trend of E-girl makeup, “reviving” Y2K hairstyles with hot color trend 2022.

Be careful and always stay awake, maybe you will be caught up in the temptations of “casting” by BlackPink and “practicing” at the dressing table right away!

Metaverse is not only a fertile ground where the fashion world lays the foundation to affirm humanity’s new step in the fashion field, but the beauty industry is also actively following this trend flow to break all the trends. limited to honoring the contours of the human body. As a defining factor in the style of today’s youth, the 4 BlackPink girls have successfully “encoded” and brought the “promised land” Metaverse to the Pink Venom MV through rebellious E-girl makeup .

To look like real AI girls from the fantasy world, the makeup artists accentuated the Rock n Roll smoky eyes with the futuristic effect of black moles dotted along the eyes and waves. nose. The smoky eye makeup style was teased by BlackPink members throughout the first half of 2022 on their personal Instagram accounts , and young people once again returned to the peak of Rock n Roll in the late 1950s to perform. repeat this historical problem.

The Euphoria effect originates from the famous movie of the same name that has “flied the flag” in the cosmetics industry since the end of 2019. Through the creative hands of YG’s makeup artists, 4 “black pink” girls ” broke the cocoon from the previous safe colors to create a colorful ensemble with shimmering shimmer like disco balls at a night party.

Metaverse couldn’t be without robots and rapper duo BlackPink recreated this unreal look with a silver line across half of Jennie’s face, and a silver piece between Lisa ‘s lips .

Following the Old School trend of the 2000s, Lisa’s nude lips and lip line showed the liberal spirit of the West. BlackPink also loves “nothing like” lipstick colors to transform themselves into a new era Clean Girl .

The poison from Pink Venom once again “swallowed” fans when transforming creative and innovative nail designs like the “silver flowing” lava flow of the eldest sister Jisoo and the ambassador CHANEL Jennie.

The last shot officially defeated BLINK and even non-fans who haven’t stanned the group have to “whisper” to acknowledge the trendy visuals of the 4 YG girls, located in Y2K bold hairstyles and top trending dyes. 2022 .

Y2K’s wide street landing in the summer of 2022 has revived the pigtail hair tied on both sides of women in childhood. When combined with the goofy bangs with Baby Bangs , it creates a classic look of French women but also brings a rebellious mischievous “label” of BlackPink style. In addition, Jisoo also merged the Clean Girl Makeup trend to honor the natural beauty when keeping the glossy black hair of Asian women.

The flash effects of the Upside Down world in Pink Venom still do not fade Lisa and Rosé ‘s pucca hairstyle . The big plus point in this hair is that the two members combine with milk tea brown and platinum blonde hair color. According to statistics on TikTok , these are the 2 most searched colors in the first half of 2022 in Asia .

Often promoted by IT Girl groups like Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa , Kendall Jenner… on social networks, Pink Venom could not ignore the invitation to join the Baby Braids trend of the 2000s. Gentle curly hair will be the right choice to add beautiful braids from Baby Braids.

The hidden highlight hair has never cooled down, no matter what time of year. Fans have seen Jennie’s platinum highlight bangs during the How You Like That promotion , coming to Pink Venom, young people “pocket” again with a multi-dimensional highlight braid hairstyle with platinum black shades. mixed together.

The main character of the tempting party was revealed – the Japanese “vibe” hairstyle made Lisa’s appearance look like the Samurai woman of Japan. It is known that this is the first comeback that Lisa “breaks the cocoon” from the familiar Baby Bangs hair to try her hand at Samurai long bangs . Moreover, the hair dyed red wine is also one of the factors that help brighten up the female rapper’s face in Thailand.

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