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More than entertainment music has been part of the soul of contemporary fashion for more than a century

More than entertainment music has been part of the soul of contemporary fashion for more than a century

Perhaps no one can imagine a world without the “detox” sound for the soul, or the dazzling beauty of the bustling fashion weeks. From the moment the terms “fashion” and “music” were born, the two have blended together in a “symbiotic relationship” to become the proud timeless values ​​of humanity.

More than entertainment music has been part of the soul of contemporary fashion for more than a century

The link between fashion and music has been proven over more than a century of history. Similar to fashion, music is considered an art of affirming personal ego, revealing inner emotional and soul aspects in the most honest way. On the contrary, like music, fashion is the clearest measure of the changes of time, bringing with them unique cultural and subculture characteristics that have spread to the world.

Compared to today’s cheerful and innocent tunes, jazz music in the early years was extremely scandalous, because it was a type of music played only in nightclubs or in secret bars (speakeasy bars). little known, customers are usually regular customers or are introduced by ear). Jazz music has a strong feminist sound, leading to a change in the style of dress as well as the “playing” style of women in the 20s.

The followers of jazz music at that time were often extremely fond of the Flapper style that was both flying and daring. They break away from the traditional standards that society imposes on women to confidently wear bold, short, lingerie-free outfits to sway to the music.

Although the Roaring Twenties era (also known as the jazz era of the 20s) had a great impact on fashion, most fashion houses ignore the young and focus only on conquering the aesthetic of the fashion house. adults with higher and more stable economic conditions. Until the 1950s, everything changed when television and cinema were born, and of course, music also became one of the indispensable “spiritual food” of the public.

With the rise of movie stars and rock-and-roll artists, such as Elvis Presley, a new need began to emerge. Young people aspire to wear the same clothes as their idols. The teen market is so vibrant that designers can’t turn a blind eye. And so youth fashion began to bloom.

The 1960s marked the birth of a more modern version of jazz in London (UK) as well as the spread of the “modernism” movement. The subculture of this period also adopted more modern musical styles such as ska, R&B, and soul.

The followers of “modernism” prefer the bohemian lifestyle of the Beatnik generation of the 50s. That is why they bring the spirit of free fashion into their daily life. These fashion-loving youth groups are collectively known as Mods. By the mid-1960s, the Mod subculture – a blend of Beatnik nostalgia and modernity – had become one of the most influential trends in haute couture history. To this day, both the music and the Mod aesthetic remain a source of creative inspiration for top designers.

While London teenagers are engrossed in the Mod movement, young Americans are pursuing a different fashion revolution. During the 1960s, young Americans were forced to join the army to serve in the war. It was for this reason that musicians began to compose songs that reflected views against the traditional social, political, and economic principles of the period.

At the same time, this is also a time when both fashion and music have diversified. Characteristic motifs in the dress style revolve around tie-dye motifs, striking floral prints, handmade accessories, knitwear, fringes, and flared jeans. All of these are the most prominent trends of the 60s and continue to be “summoned” in recent fashion seasons.

Similar to the followers of Mod, young people who are passionate about Punk style are extremely fond of catchy and free music genres such as ska, reggae, and soul. Punk quickly became a social movement that spread widely among young people in the 70s. It was the same free and ego-centered nature of Punk that young people began to wear unique costumes such as shirts. leather jackets, light hair dyes, piercings, and many styles of dress or makeup that go against the norm.

It can be said that the ’70s was one of the first decades to bring the sci-fi element to the center of popular culture. Famous artists such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan, and the band Kiss are all inspired by science fiction. Their performances become more attractive than ever when this element is installed on the stage screen. From there, Glam Rock was born.

One of the most prominent features of the Glam Rock subculture is Goth music. At first, Goth music was known as “Death Goth”, with a dark and gloomy tone and style of performance. Later, Death Rock evolved into Synth-Pop, bringing a new breeze between popular familiar music genres.

Most sad music genres are bound by habits, such as wearing All-black clothes, liking horror movies, wearing light makeup, dark red lipstick or simply enjoying your face. dark of life. The beginnings of Goth fashion often emulate ghostly and somewhat eccentric elements.

In the 90s, a new genre of music was widely popular among young people. The bands of this period represented a class of teenagers who rebelled against the commercialized life of the suburbs and their rage against the world. One of the prominent artists of this period must be mentioned Kurt Cobain – an influential figure in Grunge-style music and the most popular Grunge fashion icon in history.

In the late 80s to early 90s, Hip-hop exploded and became the most popular music genre. Hip-hop culture has also been formed since then in the streets of busy cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit – where the talent contests of rap, breakdance, or turntable become an integral part of the world.

indispensable in adolescence. Hip-hop’s influence quickly spread beyond urban areas and was positively received by American youth. At this time, young people imitate the style of clothes of rappers. Until becoming mainstream, Hip-hop is also the name of the fashion style. The most popular Hip-hop trends include baggy pants (matching underwear to reveal the logo on the belt), tracksuits, bucket hats, colorful colors, and layers of gold chains.

During the 1990s, the underground electronic music world exploded. Until the 2010s, the rise of EDM’s catchy, vibrant, and party-friendly tunes was the clearest proof that the era of the Rave subculture had become a reality. again. Fashionistas don sexy bikinis, glittery metallics, UFO pants, and mesh stockings to tune in to the vibrant EDM tunes.

The 2020s kicked off with the return of a series of classic trends from both music and fashion. Of course, every comeback brings new imprints. And in this new decade, the concept of “gender-fluid” is placed at the center, where all norms of masculinity and femininity are “overturned”. Not stopping there, this is also one of the important mindsets contributing to strengthening the awareness of gender equality in modern society: whatever your gender, live the way you want.

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