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Angel of Death Strange Game

Angel of Death Strange Game

At this point, it was no longer the warm voice of the neighbor doctor, both his face and voice had become extremely perverted. Danny admits that he is the custodian of the 5th floor and that if Rachel continues, he will most likely lose the girl’s beautiful sparkling blue eyes. As Danny lunges forward to tie Rachel to the operating table, he asks her if she really doesn’t remember anything. It was a pity because he missed her incredibly beautiful blue eyes on that fateful day.

Angel of Death Strange Game

Maybe it was only when she remembered everything and became aware of her self that he could see those eyes again. The girl struggled and said she wanted to see her parents again but Danny just smiled mysteriously and said she would see them again soon in HELL.

Danny’s cruel words seemed to have broken some part of Rachel’s mind. She didn’t struggle, didn’t bother to scream, just calmly remained silent and her eyes began to become lifeless. This made Danny crazy happy, he kept babbling, yes, that’s right and saying he would release Rachel to go upstairs with him.

However, the plan has not been fulfilled, the smile is still on the corner of his lips, Danny’s tears will not fall, but the game is probably over because Zack knocks on the door, giving him a slash with a very sweet scythe from behind.

By the way, Zack wants to finish Rachel too, but strangely enough, instead of a panicked little girl running away like back in B6, now she’s just an indifferent person or a lifeless puppet that doesn’t react to any provocation. encouragement of the murderer. This baffles Zack, but most importantly, the discomfort of his pleasure in hunting his prey and then watching them despair before being finished is not satisfied.

Feeling so tasteless, Zack wanted to pick up his scythe and go, but at this moment the most unexpected thing happened, the loudspeaker sounded saying that the owner of the 6th floor had killed the owner of the 5th floor to steal his prey, this is impossible. forgive and the traitor suffers the same fate as the sacrifice. In a panic, Zack ran towards the elevator, but no matter how angry he smashed it, he couldn’t start it.

Although he did not rely on the little girl, Zack did not expect Rachel to be able to find a way to get the elevator working again and bring the two to the B4 floor. After thinking for a while, Zack thought that with his stupid mind, the possibility of being trapped here or being killed by other floor owners was very high. But Rachel is different, the girl in Angel of Death has a great mind to overcome puzzle challenges.

So he made a promise to Rachel that the two would support each other to get out of this place, in return he would kill her when he was done. So the agreement between the simple murderer and the girl with complicated thoughts was made. When entering the B4 floor, the two realized that this place was like a cemetery with many tombstones. In the most solemn place is a dug grave with an extremely delicate stele engraved with Rachel Gardner’s name.

In other orphanages, living conditions were bad enough, but Zack’s case was almost hell on earth because the owner was a child trafficker. He often buys children from unscrupulous parents and then waits for them to grow up a bit to sell to traffickers. As for buying it to train as an assassin, buying it for organs or buying it to satisfy the sick pleasures of the rich, he doesn’t need to care.

To the farmer, the children were nothing more than animals that could speak human language, so he often starved them to scavenge for food in the garbage dump near the orphanage. In addition to his hobby of watching violent horror movies, he also has a hobby of brutally beating children just to amuse himself when bored. Whenever he accidentally beat a child to death, he often sent Zack to bring the victim’s body to bury.

One day, the farmer also had to atone for his sins at the hands of Zack, but he felt that was not enough, so he started leaving the orphanage to hunt for the next prey. After many events, Zack was brought to this building by a mysterious man, he promised that if he owned the B6 floor, he would be able to kill freely and not have to worry about the police wanted.

Feeling that this condition is too good, Zack agrees to stay until the day he meets the multi-personality girl Rachel. Returning to the B4 floor, after a while of researching, Rachel finally knew that the owner of the floor was a kid about her age named Edward “Eddie” Mason. Unlike Zack who only likes to kill, Danny who only likes eyes, Eddie fell in love with Rachel at first sight and is haunted by the thought of killing her then burying her in his beautiful graves.

Despite having different motivations and backgrounds, but like Zack, Eddie has a complicated past when his parents, who owned a cemetery, only cared about loving him and his brother while Eddie was the one working. most diligent and resourceful. The older brother often beat, the youngest brother often despised, the feeling of resentment and pent-up for many years made Eddie’s personality more and more distorted.

He considers the graves his most valuable possession and anything, even living things, only truly belongs to him once it lies under the grave. This makes Eddie a serial killer until he is recruited by a mysterious man to this building like Zack. Back to the present, in order to fulfill his wish, Eddie tried to contact Rachel and offered to be the one to finish the girl.

As for Rachel, though not too opposed to Eddie’s proposal, she was forced to refuse because she promised to let Zack finish her. How will Rachel “Ray” Gardner’s story in Angel of Death continue? See the end of the article for the answer.

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