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Top 10 excellent games thanks to ray tracing technology ver 2

Top 10 excellent games thanks to ray tracing technology ver 2

Although it requires powerful hardware, thanks to itself getting better and better, as well as the appearance of FPS increasing technologies such as DLSS or FSR, Ray Tracing has become more and more popular. more accessible to gamers. Currently on the market there are quite a few games that support ray tracing already. If you want to experience Ray Tracing to see if it’s as beautiful as rumored, or simply want to test the power of your PC, here are the top 10 excellent games thanks to Ray technology. Tracing.

Top 10 excellent games thanks to ray tracing technology ver 2

“Magic Blocks” is still one of the most pleasant hardware demanding games ever. Although the hardware power of this game is theoretically infinite, it is very rare that you have to run a map large enough to call “hardware”. However, since Ray Tracing was born, this has changed. It all started with Sonic Ether’s beautiful Path Tracing mod SEUS Renewed v1.0.0, which requires a GTX 1080 GPU or higher, and then on to the official NIVIDA version of Ray Tracing. To run Minecraft Ray Tracing, you will need a pretty powerful PC and have an RTX GPU.

Once you turn on Ray Tracing, Minecraft is like turning into another game, it’s surprisingly beautiful and can surprise fans. If with many other games it takes time to compare on and off to see the difference, in Minecraft, just turning on Ray Tracing is sure to make you realize it immediately. If it is said that Minecraft is the game that has changed the most thanks to Ray Tracing in this list of games, then nothing is too much.

Battlefield is a popular series of games with excellent graphics. Typically here is the Battlefield V game with a genuine Ray Tracing feature that the previous parts have never had. Explosive screens, rain of bombs and bullets, combined with lighting effects such as “lens flare” phenomenon help gamers feel like they are on a real battlefield.

The effect of Ray Tracing technology in Battlefield V is most evident in reflective surfaces such as floors, puddles, glass doors, glossy paint layers, etc. All create a beautiful game. Even in the latest installment, Battlefield, Ray Tracing technology is rarely seen as making a difference as with Battlefield V.

Of course, to be able to experience all that this game can bring, you will need a powerful PC. Specifically, to do well in Battlefield V with Ray Tracing, the developer recommends an 8th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 or 8th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, along with an RTX 2080 GPU and 16 GB of RAM. So if you play this game with Ray Tracing enabled and the FPS doesn’t drop too much or fluctuate erratically, it can be said that your PC is a genuine product.

Control on PS4 or Xbox One is beautiful, but on PC, it is even more gorgeous. In particular, with the addition of ray-tracing, those using NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards will be immersed in the Oldest House scene when exploring the corridors that are always moving and constantly changing with lighting effects.

reproduced in great detail. Every explosion, every debris, every reflective surface in the game is as real as in real life. Although when Ray Tracing technology was introduced into Control, it was still in its infancy, but in terms of voyeurism, it is certainly not debatable.

It is no exaggeration to say that Control is one of the games that make the best use of Ray Tracing technology to improve graphics. In addition, with DLSS 2.0 technology on GeForce RTX 20-series GPU models, you can safely play games with impressive FPS levels while still ensuring extremely satisfying image quality, not necessarily sacrifice FPS to get the expected beautiful graphics quality.

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