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All Coins and Teeth Locations in Lamentum Walkthrough

All Coins and Teeth Locations in Lamentum Walkthrough

Victor finds a piece of letter Alissa wrote to her friend Leonore, in which she confides about the time she and Victor stayed at Grau Hill. It seemed that Victor did not spend much time with Alissa but was completely busy doing something with the earl. She wandered alone in the mansion and met Mary – the young daughter of the earl and befriended this girl. Alissa had absolutely little hope of being healed, and her stay at Grau Hill was, as she put it, somewhat bleak.

All Coins and Teeth Locations in Lamentum Walkthrough

As Victor continued to run around looking for a way out, a skeleton-shaped creature appeared and touched Victor’s shoulder as he walked down the hallway, causing him to lose consciousness again. Victor briefly finds himself in the Steinrot crypt, standing in front of a memorial statue of a man named Magda Steinrot . Victor must explore the cemetery area, he meets the violinist Clayton sitting on a gravestone.

He mumbled something as if he had lost his mind and sent Victor away. But when Victor was gone, Clayton chased after him. Clayton kept talking about the perfect piece of music she forced herself to play. Then, Clayton really went crazy and turned into a terrible monster.

The monster that was once Clayton chased Victor with a violin in hand. Victor tries to fight back and is forced to kill Clayton. Continuing deeper into the graveyard in the cemetery, Victor again encounters Mary appearing in a chapel filled with eerie runes. She said that she followed him because she was afraid of being alone. She also recounted that Alissa had always played with her, and the two used to meet in the garden to play together. Until one day he didn’t show up anymore. That was the day when he hid in his room, and Victor came and gave him the doll.

Victor could not organize any data, his memory seemed to be fragmented headless. He told Mary not to follow him anymore because it would be dangerous. He wondered about all the places he was going, they were half familiar and half foreign. Victor can completely overcome a trap by going in the correct order of each tile, finding the statue at the end of the cemetery. The second statue looks like the three in the library. He took the skull from the statue and carried it with him.

Victor went back inside the mansion to look for the necessary things. He found the earl’s bedroom and read a note that the earl and his father Graham were trying to find “candidates” for a certain job. In the notes, Victor learns the fact that Mary is not the earl’s biological son, but just one of the good candidates. To cover his eyes, he adopted the girl as his son and locked her in a room to avoid the eyes of outsiders.

In the earl’s room hung a picture of a beautiful woman, the empty coffin in the room was engraved with Magda Steinrot’s name. It seems that person is the count’s wife. With the heart-shaped pendant that Victor had immediately picked up the statue of Magda Steinrot, he activated the secret door behind her painting in Count Steinrot’s room. The letter the earl left behind the painting told how he and Graham had brought her coffin into the house.

Father Graham helped him clean up Magda’s body and prepare the necessary things. At the end of the letter, the count expressed his longing to see his wife soon and be with her forever. Not stopping there, Victor also accidentally discovered the secret room on the crack in the wall in the garden. The room is old and contains the notes of Hartmut Steinrot – who had previously discovered the secret technique of Lamentum from his ancestors. It seems that when you write this letter, you fully understand how Lamentum works.

He calls it a “crazy and cruel” thing, but if it is true then he can use it to revive the whole family, glorify the ancestors and the price is completely worth it for him to accept. that I went crazy. Looks like Hartmut has finally ventured into Lamentum. Fumbling to the roof of the mansion, in the pouring rain, Victor finally found Father Graham standing talking with Count Edmond Steinrot.

The two were arguing fiercely about the plan’s failure, the earl blaming Father Graham that he had ruined everything, wasting the effort the earl had been waiting for. Father Graham insisted that the earl must have faith in order to be saved, the count was angry and sent him away. Victor immediately ran to the count. He seemed extremely surprised that he was still alive. Victor constantly begs the count to find his wife – Alissa. Contrary to Victor’s expectations, the count was half surprised and half indifferent, saying that he’d best not go looking for her anymore.

Everything is transforming, and you will soon adapt to that. Victor feels betrayed, he angrily confronts the count, but he says nothing more, only saying that he will fix everything. By this time, Victor fully understood that only he himself can continue to search and save his wife. But in the end everything is right as Victor thinks or not? Let’s find the answer behind all the mysteries of Lamentum in the next article.

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