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Lamentum Nightmare when love becomes blind

Lamentum Nightmare when love becomes blind

Although Halloween is over, but for horror nerds like us, every season is a season to play horror games, right? Today we will change the wind a bit to introduce to the whole family an interesting 8bit survival horror game, once again proving that horror games don’t have to have images that are too scary to make players’ skin. chicken and haunting. The game that I want to talk about today is Lamentum

Lamentum Nightmare when love becomes blind

Released during Halloween 2021, Lamentum is a survival horror game with pixel graphics developed by Obscure Tales and published by Neon Doctrine, Another Indie. The game quickly received many positive reviews for both content and gameplay, becoming the most worth-playing horror game in recent times.

Lamentum is set in New England in the 19th century. Right from the first frames, we feel the extremely gothic horror style, with dark colors and classic perspectives. Following the main character Victor Hartwell , we will accompany the painful and desperate journey to find a cure for the serious illness of Allisa – his wife and great love, in a house. spooky mansion.

The nightmare begins when Victor realizes that the people at the mansion have mysteriously disappeared, instead, terrifying creatures like stepping out of HP Lovecraft ‘s novels appear everywhere. What is happening? Will Victor find his beloved wife, save her life? Let’s step into Lamentum right here.

The romantic and warm scene opens the game, when Victor and Alissa are dating and chatting in a romantic park. Both are happily immersed in love, waiting for the upcoming wedding. But in the end those were just memories from a year ago, now both of them are married. Thought it would be a happy ending to a sweet love affair, but Alissa fell seriously ill. Victor’s love for Alissa is still intact, he searches for every possible way to save his beloved wife even though all efforts are in vain. Even the best doctors advised him to cherish the time he had left with Alissa, for she was certain to not make it.

Alissa herself also almost surrendered to fate. She just wanted all this tormenting pain to end soon. Victor is not willing, he finally has to send a plea to a mysterious earl named Edmond Steinrot – who holds the secret of “forgotten” scientific methods. With the earl’s approval, Victor takes Alissa on his way to his infamous Grau Hill mansion.

The two arrived at Grau Hill on a stormy, rainy night. The mansion was lavish and splendid, but no one came out to welcome the two guests who had just arrived. Victor started to knock on the door, when suddenly a bright flash of lightning flashed through the upstairs window, revealing a dark figure standing looking at them. It was only when he pushed open the door to step inside that the butler appeared and apologized for the delay. He said the storm was so strong that the sound of Victor’s carriage could not be heard.

The inside of the mansion is huge, but the layout exudes a scary melancholy look. Right in the middle of the reception hall, we can immediately see a giant statue named White Lady, depicting the scene where the White Lady holds a cup to cure a dying person, but when looking closely, it makes us wonder. , I don’t know if the other lady wants to treat or just poisoned the bad guy. The housekeeper offered to arrange a place for Lady Hartwell, advised Victor to pack his bags and go to meet the owner of the mansion, the earl.

Mr. Steinrot calmly greeted Victor. He frankly shared with him how his research was not accepted by the scientific community, and asked Victor how willing Victor was to save his wife. Completely desperate and with no other choice, Victor said he was ready to do anything just to make Alissa be healthy again. As if waiting for Victor’s words, the count agreed and advised him to rest tonight, tomorrow will be a long day.

Victor leaves Count Steinrot’s room and finds his wife standing in the hallway. She said she forgot something in the carriage but couldn’t remember, she was too tired to look for it. Victor immediately said he would go to the carriage to check it out for her, he was surprised to find his wife’s wedding ring dropped in the carriage. While since the day of marriage Alissa has never removed the ring from her finger.

Feeling insecure, Victor returned to the house and was directed by the housekeeper to a room to rest. He and his wife were assigned a room on the first floor, but when Victor went to look for the room, he found it even more suspicious: the whole long dark corridor with strange wall paintings, he also encountered An entire room is locked with a sturdy chain.

Victor goes to Alissa to tell him that he has found the wedding ring she left in the car. But Alissa’s attitude became puzzling, and she said, “I’ve never had it.” then quietly walked away down the corridor. Victor panicked and chased after his wife only to find himself in a dark scene. He ran to the end of the road when he came across a bed. More frightening, Victor saw on the bed himself lying dead in a pool of blood.

A series of horrible ghostly images appeared in Victor’s head, his mind was engulfed in chaos before going into a complete coma. Then, Victor woke up to find himself lying on a bed full of blood. He was injured and someone bandaged his wound. Regardless of himself, the first thing that came to Victor’s mind was to find Alissa. Looking around he saw a hastily written letter in trembling ink left on the table, apparently from Alissa.

She talked about how stupid they were to believe in miracles, that she had bandaged Victor’s wounds. It seemed that the key to their release was in the earl’s office, but she locked the outside door and told Victor not to leave the room. His heart immediately fluttered, Victor suspected that Alissa had risked her life to go out to find a way out for both of them, even though he himself did not understand what was happening.

Unable to sit still, Victor ventured out. The mansion looked more dilapidated than it had at first, every room he walked through had an aftertaste of death or something horrible. In the crack of a room, Victor heard the soft cry of a little girl trapped between the walls. He asked, but the girl just cried without answering. Victor found the key in that room, he went back to the place where the door was locked with a chain and thanks to the key he got inside. The scene inside the room completely left Victor frozen.

A deformed monster was devouring something like a corpse. Victor panicked, grabbed a doll from the room and ran away from it. He returned to the room where the baby was crying, gave her the doll and helped her calm down. When Victor returned to the hallway, the door leading down to the opposite hallway was unlocked. He passed by and saw a very familiar figure of a woman running past.

Victor was angry because he couldn’t remember anything, he thought to himself that he had to go to Count Steinrot’s office because maybe Alissa was there. He began wandering in the mansion, discovering that the mansion’s space had been distorted. Not only were monsters roaming around, the many holes in the wall also seemed to lead to many bizarre corridors. Once he reached the original great hall, Victor was appalled by its deadly devastation.

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