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Balmain spring summer 2022 collection olivier rousteing’s decade-long journey to build a brilliant fashion empire

Balmain spring summer 2022 collection olivier rousteing's decade-long journey to build a brilliant fashion empire

Back in 2011, Olivier Rousteing appeared on the runway for the first time to say goodbye to the show as Balmain’s Creative Director. The Spring Summer 2022 collection is not merely a collection to introduce clothes for a new fashion season but also to celebrate a decade of sailing his creative boat at this famous fashion house.

Balmain spring summer 2022 collection olivier rousteing’s decade-long journey to build a brilliant fashion empire

At the time Balmain named Olivier Rousteing for the position of Creative Director, it was hard to believe that a young designer, Olivier then 26 years old, could lead such a large fashion house. However, leaving all doubts behind, Olivier Rousteing changed people’s perception with a young person’s intense passion for fashion and a different creative perspective.

Balmain’s women are always seductive, strong, mixed with a bit of daring and carelessness. Meanwhile, the image of Balmain’s beard is extremely liberal, free and youthful. That spirit has been maintained by Olivier for a decade at Balmain.

” Olivier’s clothes make me feel so strong, ” Beyoncé said in a voice message. In addition, the vocalist “Halo” also shared more about the fate that brought her and the French designer to meet behind the scenes of a concert in Paris in 2013. Realized that his designs are very suitable for her personality.

Beyoncé took the initiative to contact Olivier to discuss costumes to perform at stadiums or major music festivals, including Coachella 2018. “ We wanted to show the world that two people follow. What will perfectionism bring together? We will look at what the next 10 years will be like, “said the female singer.

On the launch night of the Spring Summer 2022 BST, the audience had the opportunity to cheer at the “landing” of 114 unique outfits “branded” by Olivier Rousteing. These include bold cut-outs, backless tailoring, loose-fitting knitwear, military-inspired drawstring outfits or eye-catching metallic designs. on stage last night.

Fancy bandage dress styles appeared prominently in the launch show of this collection. Behind the unique design is Olivier’s real-life story. A year ago, he was severely burned due to an accident, forced to stay in the hospital for monitoring treatment. After months of rehabilitation with physical therapy, he has returned to work, but he often wears large gold rings to cover up his scars. And that is also the reason why he put the big ring trend into most of the designs worn by the models at the show.

With the Spring Summer 2022 collection, Olivier Rousteing has promoted the trend of bold cut outfits to define sexy in his own way. Accordingly, the padded shoulder blazer is transformed into a hot bodysuit, a long shirt or a deep V-neck shirt. In particular, the gold necklaces now become a unique harness.

In particular, the last 17 designs worn by top beauties such as supermodel Naomi Campbell, former French First Lady Carla Bruni, actress Milla Jovovich… not only made the performance space climax, but Above all, they represent the iconic design that has made Olivier Rousteing famous in the fashion world for the past 10 years. Some of them have elaborate embellishments bearing Olivier’s signature. Meanwhile, the remaining designs show his limitless creativity with high-class gilded textiles.

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