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Will the mama 2021 music red carpet become a clash of luxury fashion brands?

Will the mama 2021 music red carpet become a clash of luxury fashion brands?

With the ambition to reach out to the US, will this year’s MAMA bring together the prominent names of the fashion industry, enough to make red carpet fashion worthy of a global awards ceremony?

Will the mama 2021 music red carpet become a clash of luxury fashion brands?

The largest music festival in Asia – the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) always attracts attention with its prestigious awards and explosive music stages. This year, Mnet chose the theme ” Make Some Noise ” to break the mold and aim to expand its influence to the American horizon.

But besides professional achievements and prestige in the evaluation process, big awards ceremonies also create brands by fashion parties on the red carpet. In the exciting atmosphere ahead of the event that will take place on December 11, let’s predict some typical faces of the Korean entertainment industry that are likely to appear to stir up the fashion atmosphere at MAMA 2021. .

For the first time in the history of MAMA, the organizers decided to assign the hosting rights to a female star, stating that Lee Hyori is the right embodiment to express the spirit of this year’s awards ceremony. “We wanted to convey the message of the great leap forward in music and use this wonderful language to celebrate different values ​​that transcend all barriers and prejudices.” Besides, the Korean glamor icon has always been known for her bold and bold style in both music and fashion.

In the latest teaser published by Mnet, the female star in turn appears in striking designs with layered details creating elaborate structures and unique textures signaling an upcoming red carpet “bombardment”. next.

Not only competing in music awards, this year’s MAMA will really resonate if it brings together four famous fashion house Ambassadors from Gucci , Saint Laurent, Loewe and Givenchy.

With five nominations for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Female Artist, Best Vocal Performance and Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 categories , “digital music monster” IU is the brightest name for the MAMA trophy when she owns the music industry. owned all three songs that reached PAK (Perfect All Kill) on Korean music charts.

“Koc Dan’s sister” is often praised by netizens for her sweet and feminine style. On the occasion of the massive promotional campaign to mark 100 years of establishment, will Gucci join hands for an impressive appearance of the Brand Ambassador at the year-end awards ceremony?

Last July, high-end fashion house from Spain – Loewe officially announced “rebellious queen” HyunA will become the global ambassador of the fashion house. Although she has been active in the arts for more than 14 years and ranks among the veteran K-pop idols, she never ceases to surprise fans when she is always ready to try a variety of styles from hot sexy to colorful. colorful.

With three nominations in the categories Song of the Year, Best Dance Performance Solo and Worldwide Fans’ Choice TOP 10, if the “chameleon” HyunA really shows up at MAMA, it’s highly likely to be a riot. play” with her boyfriend Dawn.

With stylish, elegant fashion sense but no less personality, Rosé is one of the idols expected to “storm” at the red carpet of music festivals. Global Ambassadors Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. listed her name in a total of 5 nominations including: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Female Artist, Best Dance Performance Solo and Worldwide Fans’ Choice TOP 10.

The SM Entertainment group has “swept” most of the rookie awards at this year’s music festivals and the upcoming MAMA is probably no exception. Although launched not long ago, aespa has already been oriented in the high fashion path as well as holding the prestigious Givenchy ambassador title. The fashion style with a “futuristic” personality of the four girls on the red carpet and events since the early days of their debut was transformed by Givenchy.

Although the guest list is not public, the annual MAMA’s scale is still guaranteed by the unexpected appearance of the top powerful figures in the Korean entertainment industry such as Lee Young Ae, Eugene,… Same prediction. Some names will make fans excited if they visit this year’s MAMA.

As one of the three great Korean beauties, Song Hye Kyo ‘s classic temperament and elegant style make her a sought-after face by countless big men in the fashion industry. The movie Now, We Are Breaking Up, which is becoming a topic of discussion on recent websites, has the ability to make the beautiful woman Song be entrusted with the position of awarding the most prestigious Daesang award at MAMA 2021.

Officially returning to the screen with the blockbuster Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Jeon Ji Hyun has proven her constant heat in one of Netflix’s most popular series in Asia. Jeon Ji Hyun’s chic fashion aura in Alexander McQueen outfits promises to become the focus of the media and fashionistas.

Before becoming famous with the Netflix series Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon achieved the title of runner-up Korea’s Next Top Model season 4 (2013) and was a bright face on the international fashion catwalks of Louis Vuitton , Fendi. .. new generation.

Not only famous for her melancholy acting talent, Shin Min Ah’s charismatic aura and style have “caught the eye” of the Gucci fashion house. The professional achievements of the beautiful Shin family this year have been confirmed by the ” fever” Hometown movie Cha-Cha-Cha this past summer.

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