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The art of trendy with hip hop fashion by female dancer noze

The art of trendy with hip hop fashion by female dancer noze

Constantly becoming a “hot” topic on websites, the style of Street Women Fighter female dancer is the new fashion model that Korean youth are aiming for.

The art of trendy with hip hop fashion by female dancer noze

“Noze” is the name that began to be searched for as a back-up dancer in Kai (EXO)’s MV Mmmh because of his charisma and attractive beauty that reached the standard of a real idol. Taking advantage of that heat, Mnet continued to put her as the leader of WayB on the survival show Street Women Fighter and was likened to a new phenomenon with impressive talent and appearance.

Not only that, “cat girl” is also extremely attractive to fans with her personal and novel fashion sense both on-stage and in everyday style. Keeping the dynamism of each dance step intact, Noze “choreographs” her outfits in a more trendy and gorgeous piece of music.

First of all, the ability to “play” accessories “cool hands”. The iconic beanie hat of the Hip Hop style becomes her identity regardless of performance or everyday mixes. Noze also likes to style her hair with glittery braids. This unique jewelry creates a fluid movement that follows her every move on stage. To add emphasis to the dance of the fingers, Noze sometimes chooses gloves or small metal bracelets, “frivolous” but not entangled.

She always knows how to score points with playful and trendy matching sets. The most popular style is crop top and wide leg pants . The female dancer also did not hesitate to try with sweet colors and textures to stand out in the spotlight.

When challenged in many different genres of music, Noze skillfully incarnates each creative concept to deliver a perfect performance. From western cowboys, Korean national costumes to futuristic styles, they all appear according to their inherent definition but no less disruptive.

Leaving the vibrant stage of the dance, the female dancer still brings the exciting artistic quality into the red carpet mixes. She favors “cool” designs according to her own aesthetic thinking. It could be a bucket hat combined with a long coat, which is the typical airport style of idols. It can also be a seemingly simple but delicate nude color set from each of Fendi’s iridescent beads at the MAMA 2021 red carpet.

When the camera closes, back to the gym and fun with friends, Noze “beats” the hearts of fans with menswear or girly mixes. She still makes the brand with a monochrome beanie and dynamic jogger pants . Besides, leather jackets or overalls with the style of “cool boys” also won the hearts of the “cat” personality. The minimalist color palette with white, black, and gray wins clearly.

However, Noze has had many unexpected “hits” with the “standard Korean girl” momentum. The 25-year-old female dancer often wears fashion back to school with classic Argyle diamond motifs. Sometimes, she also removes the dust and chooses a more gentle two-piece dress . But regardless of the fashion “gender”, Noze is fascinated by the design of high- neck boots that are as attractive and flexible as her own charisma.

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