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What do it-girls blackpink and vietnamese fashionistas wear on christmas eve?

What do it-girls blackpink and vietnamese fashionistas wear on christmas eve?

From sexy tight-fitting dresses to a series of “lemongrass” fur accessories, let’s see what outfit will the stylish believers celebrate Christmas in? Whether it’s classic or modern, the girls leading the trend always know how to be trendy to celebrate the festival in a vibrant fashion party.

What do it-girls blackpink and vietnamese fashionistas wear on christmas eve?

Let’s see this year’s Christmas, which designs have been named on the personal pages of IT-Girls, K-pop idols and popular fashionistas. Instead of warm outfits, the grave club decided to dispel the cold with their hot curves in a tight mini dress design. This year’s mix is ​​also “updated” with nostalgic accessories such as tube gloves or pearl choker rings. However, hot colors combined with black or textures are still the highlights that help this charming item stir up the Christmas atmosphere.

Not every weather is suitable for wearing massive fur coats like the story of the “snow queen”, however, the endless passion for luxurious fur can be completely satisfied by a series of “trendy” accessories. From fur hats, earcups, gloves to handbags, it’s all wrapped up in the enchanting regal look of soft fur.

Of course, the two dominant colors are still the green of the pine tree and the red that represents Santa Claus. The fastest way to blend into every party is to “dye” blue or red for a fashionable look. Instead of familiar dresses or sweaters, the two traditional colors are also refreshed with trend-topping designs such as off-the-shoulder tops or crop tops.

The unique rhythm of 2021 will resonate with the baguette bag from the Y2K movement. Contrary to the gorgeous and trendy outfits, some “trendsetters” like BLACKPINK Jennie or Bella Hadid choose unexpected casual styles with familiar designs.

However, if you pay close attention, you can still recognize the subtlety in each of these seemingly “faint” items or combinations. Jennie cleverly chose a heart-shaped bust top combined with stylish shiny leather boots, while Bella Hadid borrowed inspiration from the 90s to transform with a military color dress, duo sweater -tone and especially the metallic earcups.


Not only is known to the public as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is also honored as the new British fashion icon when possessing a luxurious and trendy fashion sense but still following Royal standards.

Always appearing in public with a neat and perfect appearance, Princess Kate Middleton is famous as one of the Royal family members with elegant and trendy fashion style. Even the Duchess’s style of dress created a “Kate Middleton Effect” that strongly influenced the British fashion industry.

However, not everyone knows that behind the elegant mixes in accordance with the Royal rules are many skillful “variations” of Kate and her fashion team. Because refining the outfit not only helps the Duchess of Cambridge freely wear her favorite designs, but also ensures her elegant and sophisticated image in front of the public and the press.

Most recently, at the Green Carpet Earth Awards ceremony organized by the Royal Foundation, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared elegantly in a lilac purple chiffon dress from Alexander McQueen. The highlight of the outfit comes from Jenny Packham’s metallic belt and expensive sapphire earrings and ring.

It is known that this is also the outfit that accompanied Kate Middleton at the BAFTA Brits to Watch ceremony held in California in 2011, which was cleverly modified from the original dress with its sexy cup design. Despite wearing the old outfit, Kate Middleton still attracts a lot of attention because of her slim figure and luxurious charisma.

At a Christmas event last year with Prince William, the mother of three “dropped her figure” in a striking red midi dress with youthful white motifs . It is known that this expensive outfit belongs to the brand Alessandra Rich with the original version with a sexy V-neck.

Therefore, in order to ensure the “standard” secrecy set forth by the royal rule, Kate Middleton’s collaborators skillfully corrected this chest cut with a matching large bow tie tied in front of the neck to create softness. and more elegant for the overall look.

Chic but not fussy, the Duchess’s event fashion features discreet outfits, streamlined designs and a preference for using a single color gamut in the monochrome direction . During her attendance at the Royal Ascot 2020 festival, Kate once made the public “whisper” by her clever coordination and outfit modification.

Elie Saab’s luxurious sheer short-sleeved shirt has been “transformed” into an elegant long-sleeve design combined with a long midi skirt and attractive rhinestone tones.

During her visit to Pakistan, the Princess also quickly turned Mint Velvet’s brown dress into a shirt version with a leather vest and comfortable brown skirt. To facilitate movement on rocky terrain, Kate uses high- heeled boots with similar colors to create a dynamic and liberal appearance.

The layered floral dress of Alexander McQueen brand that Kate Middleton wore during her visit to Canada in 2016 was also removed by her and her team, removing cumbersome details at the wrist and changing the skirt body to be longer than original. To enhance the overall look, the Princess chose to wear high heels and a trendy clutch of the same color.

To balance the traditional rules of royal dress while still maintaining her femininity and personal taste, Kate Middleton often chooses dresses made from luxurious tweed . As a cross between a classic and a new innovation, this is an “expensive” material that enhances the regal and aristocratic features of the wearer.

During a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, she wore an off-the – shoulder Erdem tweed dress with a dark purple belt with stylized buttons to subtly hide the waistline in the original version. In addition, the presence of a huge range of jewelry accessories such as Erdem’s $1,220 pearl and crystal earrings and Jimmy Choo velvet heels contributed to the Duchess’s attractive look.

At the 2017 BAFTA Awards , the Duchess opted for a black layered evening gown from the Resort 2016 Alexander McQueen collection. To reduce the gap, Kate Middleton decided to edit the thin strap into a thick version and wear a luxurious off-the-shoulder dress.

Two years later, at the NPG 2019 gala dinner, which gathered many world-famous stars such as supermodel Kate Moss , football superstar David Backham, etc., the princess also reused her favorite dress with variations. The fairy sleeve is new, more discreet but no less attractive.

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