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Wearing pink clothes to be beautiful and luxurious? how to combine for both men and women

Wearing pink clothes to be beautiful and luxurious? how to combine for both men and women

Pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude – Miley Cyrus said. Indeed, pink symbolizes determination, love of life, and joy. However, pink is also often equated with cheesy. So, how to wear pink clothes for luxury?

Wearing pink clothes to be beautiful and luxurious? how to combine for both men and women

1. Choose a deep pink color.

The pastel pink color is gentle and cute, but it can also make you look “puffy”. Dark pink tones such as earth pink, magenta pink, red rose are much stronger and more impressive.

You should only choose a light pink outfit if you plan to combine it with neutral color items, which are inherently not suitable for dark pink.

2. Coordinating pink outfits with color block gameplay.

When compared to floral print clothes, the solid colors always create a strong look for the wearer.

Want to be rich in energy, you can combine pink with orange. Orange is colorful, cheerful, always radiating positive energy and warmth. Pink + orange is a popular color block combination.

For a classic look, combine pink with white and/or black. Neutral black and white always creates an elegant look, but it will be boring without decorative details. Adding pink will help improve this defect.

Those who like the impression can combine pink with a contrasting color of green or blue.

Lightly, the combo of pink + gray, pink + camel brown… Note: Dark pink is not suitable for mixing with brown or gray, but pastel pink is very sweet with this neutral tone. This pink color scheme is suitable for both men and women.

Pink purple, pink fuchsia can be combined with shades of blue. In purple there is pink. In purple there is also blue. Rather, pink and blue combine to form purple. Warm pink. Green is cold. Opposite pink and blue connected by purple becomes sweet.

3. Choose clothes with clean lines.

For women, limit layered or ruffled dresses because they easily make you look rustic when wearing pink.

4. Material and stitching are paramount.

When the clothes are printed with motifs, the sophistication of the motifs can make up for the shortcomings in the seams and fabrics. But solid color patches can’t do this. Therefore, you should carefully check these two details when buying and wearing pink.

The fabric must be thick, with a certain drape to help flatter the figure and not reveal the inner underwear. The seam should be straight and sharp, especially if the garment uses a contrasting color with the pink fabric.

5. If you’re not confident in wearing a pink outfit, you can start with a small accessory to your outfit, like a shoe or a bag.

For men, remember that historically, pink has been a color reserved for men, when seen as a lighter version of red. The world has a famous saying “Real men wear pink”. It is not until recent decades that thinking about pink has changed. Therefore, men, please wear pink confidently.

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